Write Us!
We welcome your comments and give each one attention and serious consideration. Send them to or fill out a Customer Comment form in the Owner Resources area. Each month a small selection is printed in the Reader. The rest can be found in the commons or in the binder near Customer Service. Thank you!

Plain old sponges

Q: Lookin’ for sponges for dishwashing but all the stores carry the ones with chemical “New 3M” antimicrobial treatment. Even here. Could you please stock untreated, plain, old-fashioned sponges? Thanks!

A: We are looking into some different sponges at this time. We have had a number of comments regarding sponges without chemicals. Keep your eyes peeled next time you’re in Aisle 5. -Lucas Barraza, Merchandiser

Scooter shortage

Q: Ever since I moved into my present address I’ve shopped at Willy St. Coop, but now I must stop. This whole past year I never knew if there’d be a working scooter in the store. Many times the answer was NO and it’s always NO. Replace both of the old broken scooters. The elderly and the disabled need them. Don’t you want us to shop in your store anymore? The past year’s difficulties say a resounding NO!

A: I’m sorry that you’ve had such bad experiences with the scooter. We have purchased a brand new one that is ready and waiting in the entryway. We have also repaired the old one, so we now have two scooters in working order. And decided to keep the keys attached to them to spare you the trip to Customer Service. -Jim
Jirous, Maintenance Coordinator

Getting a response

Q: How about a vehicle for customer comments that’s less Third Worldish than this? Impossible to get a response—like talking to a wall. Why not e-mail replies back to members? Would cost next to nothing. Not all 20th century technology is objectionable.

A: It’s my intention to provide whatever support you need and if you’re not seeing your responses where we post them in the Commons or in the binder up front, by all means, call me and our 21st century record keeping will/can provide you with whatever outcome your comment has achieved/not achieved. -Lynn Olson, Cooperative Services Manager

Cereal request

Q: Look, most of the brand name cereals you have are shit. Too many ingredients. Erewhon is best= few ingredients and the real deal. Please stock Erewhon Raisin Bran cereal.

A: Due to space issues we cannot bring in any new products at this time. I really enjoy all the Peace cereals. Try ‘em out! -Lucas Barraza, Merchandiser

Glass bottles

Q: Can you carry an organic molasses that comes in a glass bottle instead of plastic?

A: We do carry bulk organic molasses. You could bring in a glass jar and fill it up or we carry Mason glass jars (in bulk aisle) as well. -Lucas Barraza, Merchandiser

Chad Vader

Q: I think we should rename the co-op “Empire Foods.” Ah... come on! It’s not a Chad idea!

A: But we’re not part of the empire–we’re part of the (cooperative) rebellion! -Brendon Smith, Communications Manager [Editor’s note: to see the ever-popular internet sensation “Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager” (filmed on location at Willy Street Co-op), go to splu.net.]

Don’t forget the kitties

Q: Please can we stock cat treats as well as dog treats? Our cat Cleo loves them–now we have to make a special trip to another store just to get them.

A: For the cats, Wysong cat treats! For the pups, we carry treats in bulk up by the Customer Service desk as well as a brand called “Charley Bear” in Aisle 5. Hope I helped! -Lucas Barraza, Merchandiser

Love the Juice Bar

Q: Love the Juice Bar! Excellent products & services—kudos to the staff.

A: Thank you! The staff has been working very hard to improve both the service and the products so it’s nice to hear some positive feedback! Thanks again! -Dan Moore, Prepared Foods Manager

Good junk to eat

Q: Hot diggity dog! El Rey chips–so cool, so good, so local. If you’re going to eat junk, these are good junk to eat. Thanks so much for carrying El Rey chips now!

A: Glad we could help you out in the junk food department. I love these tortilla chips! The Chipotle Sour Cream are my favorites! Enjoy!
-Lucas Barraza, Merchandiser