Given the timing of the writing of this report and the Reader deadline, there is really no way I can provide you with what I consider to be absolute up-to-date information. There are several irons in the fire and no crystal ball to aid me accurately reporting to you.
I am writing this report before the Board of Director’s meeting where the Board is being asked to review and approve the proposed budget for FY2008 for presentation to the membership for review and action AND before the results of the member vote on the expenditure of funds on an expansion project AND the potential selection of a second retail site. These events may occur in some fashion or another after this article has gone to press. Even that remains to be seen.

The FY08 operations and capital budgets that will be presented in the June Reader for your review and action have been prepared in a fashion to support on-going operations of 1221 Williamson Street exclusively. These budgets were reviewed and approved by the Finance Committee and reflect the actual performance for the first and second quarters in FY2007, and include a forecast of the third and fourth quarters of FY2007.
IF the membership were to authorize expenditure of funds for an expansion AND the Board were to reach a decision on a second retail site, that sequence of events will lead to the necessity of revising the FY08 budget as we now know it.

Stay tuned! Abandoned equity

The Co-op has followed due process and notified members that have fallen into the inactive category. These members have, in effect, cancelled their membership and their equity remains in an account and needs to be returned if they request it or be claimed as income by the Cooperative. This is a matter of housekeeping as defined the bylaws in keeping with Wisconsin State Statues.

Thank you

I would like to thank Judy Olson for her steady, outstanding and generous contributions of time and energy to this neighborhood and the city since being elected as Alder in 1995. She has set an extremely high bar for constituent services; Judy’s unwavering leadership and dedication to tending the 6th District, of which the Co-op is a business member, has truly been above and beyond the call of duty. Judy’s support for continued growth and development in this district for all of the 12 years she served on the City Council deserves a loud and long-standing ovation—thank you!
2007 neighborhood events and festivals

  • Greater Williamson Area Business Association’s (GWABA) Taste of Willy Street: May 8th
  • Marquette Neighborhood Association’s (MNA) Waterfront Warm-up Concert: May 3rd
  • MNA Waterfront Festival: June 9th–10th
  • La Fete de Marquette: July 13th–15th
  • Willy Street Co-op’s Annual Membership Meeting: August 9th
  • Orton Park Festival: August 24th–26th
  • Willy Street Fair: September 15th–16th