Gitto’s Spelt Tortillas
Spelt tortillas are now available from Gitto’s Family Farms. Locally produced and handmade, these alternative-grain tortillas help make great burritos, tacos and wraps. Available at East and West.

Drumlin Pickles
Made from organic cucumbers, a pinch of dill and a clove of garlic, these pickles are quickly becoming a favorite! Great on a burger or just for snacking. Available at East and West.

Maruchan Chicken Ramen
This classic dorm-room staple is now available at Willy East. For only 29¢ each, this quick-to-make ramen is virtually a pantry staple for anyone.

Tom’s of Maine Wicked Cool transitional toothpastes
Toothpaste for older kids...a mild mint, dye-free toothpaste for kids too old for fruity flavors yet not quite ready for the “spicy” mint in adult pastes. Available with or without fluoride. Also for kids from Tom’s is their alcohol-free Juicy Mint mouth rinse (contains fluoride). Available at East and West.

Alba Botanica non-aerosol foam shave
Available in Sea Mist or Aloe alternative to aerosols or shave cream. Available at East.

Bamboo planters
The bamboo planters are made of heat- and pressure-treated bamboo powder and other plant fiber. A lightweight alternative to ceramics without the conventional plastic. Available at East and West.

Planet Wise Reusable baby wipes and wipe bags
Made in Wisconsin. Pair up this 10-pack of dual-colored flannel wipes with LuSa’s wipe juice to give your wee one a clean, local booty. Available at East and West.

Nancy Peeter’s hand-crocheted spiral dishcloths
These dishcloths from Kalamazoo, Michigan come in a variety of colors and feel sturdy enough to double as a hot pad if needed. Available at East and West.

Midwest Clay Project Locally Made Mugs
In our continued partnership with Midwest Clay project, we now have more locally made mugs gracing our shelves. Available at East and West.

Tera’sWhey Organic blueberry and tart cherry
Local whey protein favorite Tera’sWhey have introduced two new flavors: organic blueberry and rBGH-free tart cherry. Available at Willy East.

Purple Cow Potting Soil
We have had Purple Cow’s delightful compost for a couple years, but now we can enjoy their new potting soil as well (1.5 and .75 cubic ft.). Available at East and West.

West Star Farm’s Potting Soil and Compost
Choose another local favorite for your plant needs by checking out West Star Farm’s potting soil and compost. Available at East and West.

Canaan Fair Trade Authentic, Traditional Olive Oil Soap
Made with organic olive and coconut oils. Handmade by women-owned cooperatives on the West Bank of Palestine. Available at East and West.

Willy Street Co-op Almond Thumbprint Cookies, Mudslide Cookies and Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake
Back by popular demand! Available at East and West.

Wisco Pop Craft Brewed Soda
Gingerbrew—Sweetened with raw local honey. Brewed with organic fresh ginger and fresh squeezed organic lemons and limes, finished with a hint of organic dried lavender flower. Cherrybomb—Sweetened with raw local honey. Brewed with Michigan tart cherry juice, complimented with fresh vanilla bean, cinnamon and fresh squeezed organic lemon juice. Available at East and West Juice Bar.

Alaffia Red Palm Oil
Fair Trade, orangutan-safe and organic. Members of the Alaffia Cooperative harvest this in West Africa. Its vibrant red color shows off how vitamin A-rich this oil is, about 15 times the carotenoids than carrots! Available at East and West.

Caprine Supreme La-Von Goat and La-Von Cow Bries
Fist-pump, baby! That’s what we do every time we find a new soft-ripened cheese made here in Wisconsin. These two 8-oz. brie-style wheels are made in Black Creek, Wisconsin. La-Von Goat is made from farmstead goat’s milk and the La-Von Cow is made from milk sourced from one of the acclaimed Red Barn Farms. We’re not just being hometown fans, here, either. The Goat Brie is pungent and ripe, with a salty, clean taste that is phenomenal with savory sausages and crusty bread. The Cow Brie is soft and buttery and has a subtle complexity that we don’t usually see in fully pasteurized cheeses. Available at East and West.

Edelweiss Emmentaler
This isn’t new—but reborn! Bruce Workman’s astounding grass-fed Emmentaler Swiss cheese, unavailable for the last five or six months, is back in our case, and we breathe a collective sigh of relief. Whew, we were lost without you. Buttery and firm with a sharp grassiness that reminds us of the frosty beginning of spring. This one’s a keeper, folks. Available at East and West.
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