A light and refreshing root beer with subtle hints of maple and ginger ale. This caffeine-free soda is unique in both taste and style. Available in the soda aisle and beverage cooler at East and West.

100% organic, no boiling required and straight from Italy. This is the only gluten-free artisan lasagna available, anywhere. Available at Willy West.

This Italian brown rice pasta offers a healthy alternative to wheat and comes in a package that’s compost-ready. This delicious pasta will help you forget about gluten and dream about Italy. Available at Willy West.

This protein-rich pasta cooks in less than ten minutes and offers a wonderful way to incorporate more beans into your diet. It’s chewy, filling and 100 percent organic. Available at Willy West.

So delicious is right. 32 ounces of dairy and soy-free organic coconut milk that’s perfect for cereal, coffee or on its own. Available at Willy East and West.

From the mountains of Barre, Vermont. Made with organically certified apples that are free of fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. No added water or sugar. Available in packs of four. Available at Willy East and West.

This high fiber cereal is made in a gluten-free facility. It’s also perfect as a supplement to baking goods to add nutritional value. The smooth texture packs five grams of protein per serving. Available at West.

“Pure Snack Perfection.” Convenient and tasty, these non-GMO granola clusters are a great alternative to traditional snacks. Three flavors are available: Cranberry Almond Crispy, Peanut Butter Cookie, and Chocolate Toasted Coconut. And their 2-ounce size is an ideal portion: not too much and not too little. Available at West.

Guayaki Bottled Yerba Maté
Here just in time for summer; Guayaki’s bottled Yerba Maté. Sustain your energy during those hot summer days with these great tasting, ready-to-drink matés. Four refreshing, uplifting and delicious varieties to try. Available at Willy East.

Nature’s Bakery Wheat-Free Flatbreads
Our friends at Nature’s Bakery are proud to introduce their wheat-free flatbreads available in the freezer section at both locations. This wheat-free flatbread is for sandwiches, gyros, mini-pizzas, or your favorite spreads. Although it’s made with organic gluten-free flours, given their one production facility, Nature’s Bakery does note that they cannot guarantee that this flat bread is 100% gluten-free. Available at Willy East and West.

GoMacro Morning Harvest Apples & Walnuts Breakfast Bar
Introducing Go Macro’s newest variety, Morning Harvest Apples & Walnuts, a delicious breakfast bar to start your day out right with 5 grams each of protein and fiber and a serving of fruit. Available at Willy East.

Coco Hydro Plant-based electrolyte powder
One packet is the equivalent of the water from two whole coconuts! Vegan and free of soy and gluten. Available at West.

Flower Essence Services
Biodynamic, organic and wild-harvested flower essences made in rural England according to the original directions of Dr. Edward Bach. Both East and West carry their Healingherbs and Flourish Formulas. One of their popular formulas is Five-Flower: Dr. Bach’s remedy for stress and trauma. Used for people of all ages, animals, and plants. Come in and try a formula today! Available at East and West.

Farm-Fresh and Fast
The brand new book from the FairShare CSA Coalition is a companion to their classic, “From Asparagus to Zucchini.” This beautiful book is not only filled with delicious and inspiring recipes, it also has lots of strategies and techniques to get the most out of seasonal produce. It’s the perfect gift for your local foodie or anyone you know who likes to eat. Available at East and West.

Acure Organics facial care
A skincare company founded on sustainable principles that creates high quality, fair trade, natural and certified organic products. Both East and West are carrying a variety of their facial care. Check out their night cream: made with argan stem cell and chlorella growth factor for a skin rejuvenating system. Available at East and West.

Raw Elements Natural Sunscreens
Eco-safe and reef-safe, water resistant 30 SPF sunscreen! 22.75% Non-nano zinc oxide in a base of nourishing oils—no preservatives or ingredients you can’t pronounce. Safe for all ages. Available at East and West.

Flaming Mary!
Freshly juiced veggies with a spicy kick. Perfect for Bloody Marys! Quarts sold in the Produce section next to the celery at Willy East.

Vitruvian Farms Local Baby Greens
Enjoy local baby greens on both of our salad bars! Available at East and West.

Saxon Homestead Creamery Asiago Fresca
Popular in Italy, but rarely seen in the US, young asiago cheese is a versatile and flavorful option for cooking or eating as a table cheese. Saxon’s Asiago Fresca has a sweet, milky flavor with a perfect tangy finish that pairs really well with tomatoes. Available at East and West.

Saxon Homestead Creamery Glacial Lakes
This cheese is a showcase of milk from pasture-grazed cows on the shores of Lake Michigan. It is reminiscent of an Emmenthal, but with hints of grass and orange rind. The texture is dense and slightly granular. Glacial Lakes boldly deviates from the “comfort” flavors of nutty, creamy, and sweet. A great cheese to start a conversation over. Available at East and West.

Saxon Homestead Creamery Snowfields
Made from Saxon’s winter milk, Snowfields exemplifies the higher cream and protein level of milk from cows that have come off pasture. The resulting cheese is coat-your-mouth creamy, with a sweet, buttery characteristic and a slight sharpness. A crowd-pleaser if we ever met one. Available at East and West.

Saxon Homestead Creamery Pastures Farmstead Cheddar
We know, we already have a lot of cheddars. The world, and especially our corner of it, is full of cheddars. Which is what makes it so extraordinary when we find one that makes us go “whoa.” That’s all we’re going to say about this cheese. Ask for a taste of Pastures next time you’re in the store, it’s worth it. Available at East and West.

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