2013 Board Elections Results!
This year’s election cycle yielded one of the best pools of candidates we’ve had so far. Thank you to the eight people who ran, and congratulations to our newly elected representatives: Courtney Berner, Mike Engel and Daniel Ramos Haaz! 1,637 ballots were cast, of which 31 were invalid. Votes are rendered invalid if the Owner is not in good standing (not up to date in equity payments or inactive), more than one person per Ownership voted (in which case only the primary Owner’s vote was counted), or if the ballot was incorrectly marked (contained more than three votes or no votes).

I would like to take a moment to thank our outgoing Board members—Sonia Kubica Simões and George Hofheimer. Sonia was the Chair of Board Development; she helped our newly founded Board Development Committee find its feet in improving Board processes and training. George served as Board President for four years, and saw us through the opening of Willy West. Thank you thank you!

Open Book Management
The Co-op is starting down an exciting path internally this year, moving to Open Book Management (OBM). Practiced by other co-ops across the nation, OBM involves educating all staff about the financial health of the organization, and collectively setting financial goals in teams. We are bringing in Zingerman’s from Ann Arbor to teach us the ropes next month.

Looking Forward…
The Third Store Criteria Task Force has had a preliminary meeting to discuss what would make a third retail site successful. We are still seeking Owners to participate on this committee! If you are a forward thinker who enjoys identifying high-level priorities and is interested in serving on this committee, please email Stephanie Ricketts at s.ricketts@willystreet.coop.

1221 Remodel
My hope is that, as of publication, we will have finalized plans for the 1221 remodel and be preparing to break ground in late October! It has been a challenge to fit all of the needs and wants for this site into a financially responsible plan… but I am confident that we will have a very successful remodel project! More up-to-the-minute plans and announcements will be posted on our website.

Saying Goodbye to FY13… a.k.a. our Most Profitable Year Ever!
This month the results of the FY13 financial audit will be presented to the Board of Directors. I am happy to report that last year marked the Co-op’s most profitable year ever! It was an exceptional fiscal year, and we have returned to pre-expansion level of profitability. Big kudos to staff that ran a tight and well-organized ship. And a huge Thank You to our community of Owners, for choosing to shop at your cooperative. Expect to see information about a patronage refund in my next report!


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