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East Remodel Project

Willy East remodel timeline

Click here to view the store areas involved with each phase.

remodel logoCheck here for the latest updates on the Willy East remodel product.

As this project continues to progress we'll be posting updates about the status and milestones. Those postings will be grouped together on this page.

Frequently asked questions

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Posted 3/17/14

What will the bathrooms be like after the remodel?
There will be three bathrooms in the commons and two bathrooms for staff. All of the bathrooms after the remodel will be private, separate rooms, gender neutral, have low-flow dual-flush toilets, and will not include urinals.

Posted 3/10/14


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Latest posts about the East Remodel project

  • Remodel Update - 6/23

    STORE CLOSING NOTICE: Willy East closing on Tuesday, June 24th for shelving installation.

    What may affect you this week (6/23–6/29)

    • Juice/Coffee Bar now open!
    • Packaged grocery and wellness department products move to their final locations on Wednesday. No more...
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  • Remodel Update - 6/16

    What may affect you this week (6/16–6/22)
    •    No Juice/Coffee Bar counter service through at least Tuesday. No made-to-order juice or coffee drinks until new Juice/Coffee Bar opens.
    •    This weekend, aisles moving to prepare for new shelving.

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  • Remodel Update - 6/9

    STORE CLOSING NOTICE: Willy East closing on Tuesday, June 24th for shelving installation.

    What may affect you this week (6/9–6/15)

    • No vehicle access via Jenifer St. from 7am to 4pm through Wednesday. Roof work requires some construction vehicles to park in the lot...
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  • Remodel update - 6/2

    What may affect you this week (6/2–6/8)

    • The Meat & Seafood freezers will be out of service Wednesday evening through as late as Saturday. Product may be available by request; please talk to counter staff for more details.
    • Some congestion in the entryway. The...
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  • Produce Offerings Reduced & Relocated at East, Wednesday 5/28 - Friday, 5/30

    The Willy East remodel project moves to the Produce department next. The department will be closed from Wednesday, 5/28 - Friday, 5/30 for painting and floor finishing. Most kinds of products will still be available and relocated, however. Here's the list of what will be available during this time:

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  • Remodel Update - 5/26

    What may affect you this week (5/26–6/1)

    • The Produce department floor finishing runs Wednesday, May 28th through Friday, May 30th. Most kinds of produce still available, although varieties are limited (see...
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  • Remodel Update - 5/19

    What may affect you this week (5/19–5/25)

    • Customer Service is in the middle of the store, opposite the registers.
    • Work continues on new Juice/Coffee Bar.
    • Entryway is changing; we will be framing out the Front End office.
    • Roof work...
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  • Remodel Update - 5/12

    What may affect you this week (5/12–5/18)

    • Will set up construction area for the new Juice/Coffee Bar.
    • Produce reopens (temporarily).
    • Will remove the construction area dividing the registers.
    • Roof work going on, requiring some...
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  • Remodel Update - 5/5

    What may affect you this week (5/5–5/11)

    • Deli hot bar closed Thursday (5/8) morning for final electrical inspection.
    • Entrance, exit, and register lane traffic has changed to facilitate moving two columns. We have temporarily removed one register and separated...
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  • Reduced Dairy and Alternative Dairy Products Available at Willy East, April 29th-May 2

    The Willy East remodel work moves to the Dairy department, so from April 29th-May 2nd there will be a reduced number of Dairy and Alternative Dairy products available. Below is a list of what products will be available and where to find them during this time.

    Moved to: The Cooler at the Back of the...

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