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East Remodel Project

Willy East remodel timeline

Click here to view the store areas involved with each phase.

remodel logoCheck here for the latest updates on the Willy East remodel product.

As this project continues to progress we'll be posting updates about the status and milestones. Those postings will be grouped together on this page.

Frequently asked questions

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Posted 3/17/14

What will the bathrooms be like after the remodel?
There will be three bathrooms in the commons and two bathrooms for staff. All of the bathrooms after the remodel will be private, separate rooms, gender neutral, have low-flow dual-flush toilets, and will not include urinals.

Posted 3/10/14


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Latest posts about the East Remodel project

  • Remodel update - 12/23

    Recently completed

    • Structural evaluation of cracked wall on Jenifer St. side of building.
    • Received our “One Can Plan” Dumpsters for recycling building materials.
    • Masonry walls completed for receiving area addition; tying into existing walls.

    • Staff moved to temporary office spaces; emptied...
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  • Remodel update - 12/16

    Recently completed

    • Build temporary interior partition in entryway.
    • Pour walls to define the west side of the new entryway.

    Construction work this week (12/16–12/22)

    • Removal of brick from walls in entryway.
    • Masonry walls completed for receiving...
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  • Remodel Update - 12/09/13

    Recently completed

    • Pouring concrete foundation wall on Jenifer St. side of property, and concrete footings and foundation walls in front of the store.
    • Nonprofit/organizational brochures and flyers in entryway will removed until renovation of foyer is complete.

    Construction work this week (...

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  • Remodel update - 12/02/13

    Recently completed

    • Receiving area addition walls on Jenifer St. side of property.

    Construction work this week (12/02–12/08)

    • Pouring concrete foundation wall on Jenifer St. side of property.
    • Pouring concrete footings in front of the store and, later in the week, pour the...
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  • Remodel update - 11/25/13

    Recently completed

    • Fencing in front of store and temporary sidewalk completed. Concrete footings poured for extension of receiving area on Jenifer St. side of property. Flooring test in frozen aisle.
    • Temporary wall built under front entryway and window protection installed on face of building.
    • The...
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  • Remodel Update - 11/18/13

    Recently completed

    • Fencing behind Co-op is up; front started.
    • 4-Star Video drop box moved inside and the pay phone removed.
    • Ice and wood removed. See Star Liquor for ice, Ace for wood.
    • The ATM has...
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  • Remodel Update - 11/11/13

    Construction work this week (11/11–11/17)

    • Temporary fencing will be put up in front of, and behind, store. A temporary sidewalk will be installed for customers to get from the west side of the building to the entrance...
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  • Remodel Update - 11/08/13

    Owners approved it by vote, we’ve talked about it for months, and now it’s finally starting! The project is expected to last from November 2013-August 2014.

    What’s happening next week (11/11/13-11/17/13):...

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  • Results of Willy East Remodel Vote

    From July 1-16, Willy Street Co-op Owners were asked to vote on this referendum: “Owners approve expenditure, not to exceed $4,000,000, to remodel the Co-op property at 1221 Williamson Street, Madison WI.”

    Votes have been tallied and were reported at the Board Meeting on July 16th. Here are the results:

    “YES” VOTES: 2,122


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  • Owner Referendum on the Willy East Remodel


    • Complete a ballot at either store, through 6pm, July 16th.
    • Send in your ballot from the newsletter. Ballots must be received by 6pm on July 16th.
    • Use the ballot emailed to you, if we have your current email address. If you'd like a ballot emailed to you, below are three ways to get us your current...
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