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Remodel Update - 11/18/13

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Recently completed

  • Fencing behind Co-op is up; front started.
  • 4-Star Video drop box moved inside and the pay phone removed.
  • Ice and wood removed. See Star Liquor for ice, Ace for wood.
  • The ATM has been removed and a smaller one placed temporarily inside the store. The temporary ATM will not accept deposits. (Heartland Credit Union, at 944 Williamson, is the closest ATM.) We currently expect to replace the regular ATM in mid-January.

Construction work this week (11/18–11/24)

  • Excavation on Jenifer St. side of Willy East for expanded back room. Safety person on sidewalk to guide pedestrians.
  • A temporary sidewalk will be installed for customers to get from the west side of the building to the entrance. Fencing completed in front of store.

What may affect you this week (11/18–11/24)

  • No changes to the retail floor will be made this week.
  • If parking on the store’s west side, you’ll need to use the temporary sidewalk.

Coming up in next few weeks

  • No retail floor changes; Thanksgiving shopping not affected.
  • Excavation starts by the entryway. Temporary walls near and within our entranceway will be installed; our foyer will temporarily become smaller.