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Remodel update - 11/25/13

Recently completed

  • Fencing in front of store and temporary sidewalk completed. Concrete footings poured for extension of receiving area on Jenifer St. side of property. Flooring test in frozen aisle.
  • Temporary wall built under front entryway and window protection installed on face of building.
  • The ATM has been removed and a smaller one placed temporarily inside the store. The temporary ATM will not accept deposits. (Heartland Credit Union, at 944 Williamson, is the closest ATM.) We currently expect to replace the regular ATM in mid-January.

Construction work this week (11/25–12/01)

  • May begin receiving area extension walls on Jenifer St. side of property.
  • Construction stops on Thursday, resumes on Friday.

What may affect you this week (11/25–12/01)

  • No changes to the retail floor will be made this week.
  • North sidewalk that runs next to building will be closed; must use temporary sidewalk.
  • Excavation in front of building for footings; will be noisy at times, and some construction vehicles will be there.

Coming up in next few weeks:

  • No changes to the retail floor in next few weeks.
  • Cart room being rearranged; our foyer will temporarily become smaller.