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Remodel Update - 12/09/13

Recently completed

  • Pouring concrete foundation wall on Jenifer St. side of property, and concrete footings and foundation walls in front of the store.
  • Nonprofit/organizational brochures and flyers in entryway will removed until renovation of foyer is complete.

Construction work this week (12/09–12/15)

  • Exterior surface prep on walls in entryway.
  • Build temporary interior partition in entryway.
  • Pour walls to define the west side of the new entryway.

What may affect you this week (12/09–12/15)

  • No changes to the retail floor will be made this week.
  • Selective demolition of brick areas wherever new walls are being tied into existing walls. Will be noisy at times.
  • Entryway being rearranged, some carts may be moved.

Coming up in next few weeks

  • No changes to the retail floor in next few weeks.
  • Starting on the masonry for the receiving area addition on Jenifer St. side.