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Remodel update - 12/23

Recently completed

  • Structural evaluation of cracked wall on Jenifer St. side of building.
  • Received our “One Can Plan” Dumpsters for recycling building materials.
  • Masonry walls completed for receiving area addition; tying into existing walls.

  • Staff moved to temporary office spaces; emptied basement.

Construction work this week (12/23–12/29) 

- slowed due to weather.

  • Removal of brick from walls in entryway.    

  • Steel being delivered for our new receiving addition.

  • Wiring and plumbing work begins in basement.

  • Start construction on the receiving addition roof.

What may affect you this week (12/23–12/29)


No changes to the retail floor will be made this week.
  • Selective demolition of brick areas wherever new walls are being tied into existing walls. Could be noisy.

Coming up in next few weeks


No changes to the retail floor will be made next few weeks. Retail 

floor changes will start the weekend of January 11th; details will be 

posted here.

  • Prep new space for floor install.