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Remodel Update - 12/30

remodel logoRecently completed

  • Steel installed in receiving area addition.
  • Recycling progress sign posted.
  • East on site offices de-constructed, in preparation for mechanical upgrades for store remodel.

Construction work this week (12/30–1/5) - Slowed due to weather

  • Removal of brick from walls in entryway.
  • Wiring and plumbing work begins in basement.
  • Continued construction on the Receiving addition roof.
  • Warming of receiving area addition to prepare for pouring of floor.

What may affect you this week (12/30–1/5)

  • One more week until changes to the retail floor will be made.
  • Selective demolition of brick areas wherever new walls are being tied into existing walls. Could be noisy.

Coming up in next few weeks

  • DELI CONSTRUCTION WILL BEGIN JANUARY 11th. With a few exceptions, most types of Deli products will be available.
  • Bread aisle and Meat Department will be condensed to help accommodate our Deli offerings.
  • Details will be available on social media and here.