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Remodel Update - 1/27

Construction work this week (1/27–2/2)

  • Trenching (saw-cutting concrete) for plumbing and floor work in Deli.
  • Install steel canopy over the entryway. Concrete work in new entryway.
  • Receiving area and Deli roof work. Begin construction of new staff restrooms.

What may affect you this week (1/27–2/2)

  • Deli foods relocated on retail floor.

where to find lunch in our store during the remodelwhere to find pizzas and pizza ingredients during remodelheat and eat during remodellunch punch promotion

  • Deli floor cut for plumbing; will be loud at times.

Coming up in next few weeks

  • Changes to front entrance and exterior doors.
  • Store closed on Feb. 24th–Feb. 25th; plan to reopen on Wednesday, Feb. 26th by 11am.