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Black Earth Meat

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Jane Richard
Jane Richard's picture
Joined: Oct 31 2012

Black Earth Meats are local but they are not a conscientious business and the city of Black Earth has had trouble with them.  I'd like Willy Street to use some of the other local area farmers.

Michelle Miller, ...
Michelle Miller, Robert Stone's picture
Joined: Oct 31 2012

Black Earth Meats expanded their abatoir (killing floor) at the downtown Black Earth location. This caused problems when animals were not properly controlled and were disrupting town residents (including children). The city tried to resolve the problem through dialogue but I understand that the owner insisted on litigation. I know people on both sides of the controversy. It is a shame that it came to this.

Kirsten Moore
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Joined: Jul 25 2013

Hi Jane,

I'm the Director of Cooperative Services. Megan Minnick, our Purchasing Director has responded to your comment, and I've posted below:

"Hi Jane, thanks for the comment! I am aware of the issues around Black Earth Meats and their dispute with the Village of Black Earth, however, we have found their meat to be over a very high quality, and we have many Owners who purchase their meats regularly and value that particular brand. Also, supplies of local, organic, grassfed, and natural meat can be quite tight at times, so we've found it necessary to keep all options open.  

If you prefer not to purchase meat from Black Earth, we have many other options available! For beef, we regularly carry grassfed cuts from Organic Meadows (a cooperative of Wisconsin farmers), and also "Willy Grassfed Beef", which comes from Scenic Heights farm near Dodgeville and is raised using organic methods.  For pork, we regularly carry Willow Creek Farm product, which is local from Sauk City. Lastly, for lamb we try to keep product from Pinn-Oak Ridge Farms (in Delavan) in stock as much as possible. I hope this helps answer your concern. If there are other local farms that raise quality meats and you think may be interested in selling wholesale to us, please don't hesitate to send me their names and I'll follow up."

Monica Davis, Bri...
Monica Davis, Brian Mink's picture
Joined: Jan 14 2013

Please be more specific: Why is Black Earth Meats not conscientious (list examples)? What specific "troubles" has the city had with this buisness?

You're asking the Coop to switch suppliers without offering any evidence of wrongdoing or impropriety. Seems to me you have to provide something more than just an unsubstantiated accusation. Your accustation may indeed have merit but no one can substantiate impropriety based on what you have written.