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"Grass Fed" Meats

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Brian Pfister
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Joined: Mar 5 2014

As of today I'm a new "owner" at the Willy Street Co-op.   Are the meats 'grass fed'?  Just looking for a place that sells high quality good and healthy wholesome lean-meat.

PLease advise....

Brendon Smith
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Joined: Feb 5 2008

Posting on behalf of Gina Jimenez-Lalor, the Willy East Deli Manager (who currently supervises that store's Meat department, and also responded to you directly): "Welcome to the Willy Street Coop! To answer your question about the grass-fed beef...yes, we do. We carry a variety of cuts and grinds that are grass-fed. We work with many small local farms. Most are processed at Black Earth meats or Wisconsin Meadows. We also buy some of our products directly from the farmer like Cates Farms ground beef and summer sausage and Seven Seeds Farm to name a few. Currently our East side location is under renovation so our stock is pretty limited, but the West side store has full butcher services and is well stocked. East hopes to be up and running with full butcher service by mid April."

--Brendon Smith, Director of Communications