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Hot case.

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David Nielsen
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Joined: May 29 2014

Hello, I am an owner who regularly frequents the Williamson St. location and have been for a long time. I work right in the neighborhood and it's great to be able to run over there to grab a quick lunch when I get a chance. I was really excited to see the addition of the hot case. I am really thrilled that you have grain free options on there. However, I am less than thrilled when I see one of those items with canola oil in the ingredients. I'm surprised you use it at all. I have seen plenty of items on there which look delicious to me, but once I read the ingredients I realize that it is not at all something I will eat. That can really be frustrating when I am in a hurry.

Also, while I'm thrilled that you are offering grain free options, there are a lot more than three recipes out there with no grains in them and most of them don't include chicken. How about some sort of grain free beef or pork recipe in the case occasionally? The occasional offering of fish would be nice too. The sweet potatos with pumpkin seeds thing you offer is less than palatable. The chicken and squash is none too thrilling either, but at least I can choke that one down. When paying that much per pound for food it should at the very least taste good. I would happily donate or suggest some good cookbooks if someone in the kitchen would use them. The meat case is right across the room and full of wonderful options. Would it be too much trouble to put some of that in the food served on the hot case?  I would think that a store so full of good, healthy food would want to feature some of that in the recipes they create or use. There seems to be a lot for vegans and vegetarians, but very little for those of us who like to eat paleo.  I have been continuously disappointed with the creativity of the recipes you are using and it seems to be getting worse instead of better. The exact same steamed cauliflower, broccoli and carrots on infinite repeat gets old fast too. Something with kale would be nice perhaps. Spinach and asparagus are in season right now and quite delicious. Because you have a store full of wonderful produce, meats and products, I expect more from you. The hot case should be a shining example of just how delicious healthy food really can be.

Also, can you get some forks and spoons that don't melt when you put them in something hot? It's hard to eat when the tines on your fork are curled up in different directions.

Thank you very much.


Dave Nielsen

Jason Levine, Vic...
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Joined: Aug 1 2013

Ditto! So many promising grain free recipies are ruined by rapeseed oil. Please just use butter, coconut oil, or animal fats. Us health-oriented real food omnivores are a rapidly growing constituency! Basically, please make more grain free, industrial seed oil free, non food ingredient free choices for the paleo/primal/ancestral diet crowd.

Kirsten Moore
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Joined: Jul 25 2013

From our Prepared Foods Director Josh Perkins:

"'Thanks for writing in to give us your feedback. We have put a lot of effort into developing new hot case recipes, several of which are currently rolling out. We won't be able to increase meat offerings on our hot bar due to the product standard we maintain and our commitment not to raise our hot bar price above that of a primary competitor which offers no organic produce on their bar. Some of our wonderful produce products are also not feasible for us to offer at a flat price per lb. - the initial cost of the unwashed, untrimmed, product may be realistic for the home cook, but many costs are added along the way for us in preparing the food. Thanks again for writing in"

David Nielsen
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Joined: May 29 2014

Way to skirt around the issues there. What about the canola oil? Why is it being used in the recipes at all? It doesn't look to me like there's much effort going into developing any sort of new recipes.. The product standard you maintain is poor. Perhaps you need a prepared foods director who will direct the foods into something better. Grain free options don't have to be taste free or extra expensive. They also should not use unhealthy oils. Can't the canola oil be switched to olive or coconut oil? Sounds easy enough to me. You cook a bunch of bacon almost every morning. The bacon grease could be used in a lot recipes, potentially saving the coop a small fortune. A little creativity could go a long way. Your reply is both lazy and a poor excuse. I am again very dissapointed.