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Managing Price Increases

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Monica Davis, Bri...
Monica Davis, Brian Mink's picture
Joined: Jan 14 2013

Prices at Willy Street have been rising markedly.  To manage this,I find myself doing less and less of my shopping at the coop.

I'm sure there are numerous factors that contribute to rising prices, but one thing that the coop can do to reduce prices is to stop incorporating the cost credit card use into the coop's prices, and charge those costs only to folks who use credit cards.  This change should be accompanied by member education.

Please give this serious consideration.

Thorton Ridder, J...
Thorton Ridder, Jill Ridder's picture
Joined: Feb 5 2014

This is an old discussion, but I agree that Willy Street should stop accepting credit cards like Woodmans. It would save money. 

Kirsten Moore
Kirsten Moore's picture
Joined: Jul 25 2013

Hi Thorton,

You are right, check, cash, and debit cards are all lest costly payment types for the Co-op to accept, however, we do not want to exclude anyone from using a credit card if they need to. We prefer to educate our Owners about those costs rather than eliminate it as a payment option. 

Dawn Matlak
Dawn Matlak's picture
Joined: Aug 6 2012

Thanks for writing this.  I think we continue to have an ongoing discussion about ways to mitigate the credit card fees.  Your input (and creative ideas) are always appreciated.


Monica Davis, Bri...
Monica Davis, Brian Mink's picture
Joined: Jan 14 2013

Lynn, you're incorrect. A recent legal decision which I forwarded to David does in fact allow the Coop to charge up to 3% for the use of credit cards. The Coop needs to stop requiring the majority of COOP members to subsidize the annual losses/expenses from those members using credit cards. It really is not fair. Either that or pass on the same percentage as a discount to members using cash and checks to level the field. I think the COOP should just do what Jennifer Street Market and Woodmans does: Don't allow credit cards. The 3% cost per transaction is wasteful, excessive and unfair!

Lynn Olson
Lynn Olson's picture
Joined: Oct 31 2012

Hello -

I think your concerns were addressed in one of David Waisman's many articles about credit cards in the Reader

We're restricted from charging the cc fee by the cc companies.


Jen Wilcher
Jen Wilcher's picture
Joined: Dec 11 2012

Or just don't allow credit card use, like Woodman's.  I mean there's an ATM right outside the co-op.  That could potentially save the co-op and it's owners/customer's money.