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Real Salt

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Lorna Woodruff
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Joined: Mar 6 2013

Hi :-)I'm new to Madison, and so a relatively new owner, but have been a member of co-ops for years.  I'm amazed you don't carry "Real Salt" in the pouches.  I've purchased it for years in that size at my previous co-op.  I thought that was a popular brand of salt.  Maybe a lot of people are still thinking salt is bad for us, and continue to not use it so much.  Granted, mainstream salt is bad for us, but REAL salt, sea salt, is wonderful for our bodies, inside and out.  I actually saw significant health improvement upon shedding my fear of salt in general, and now use it bunches.  Even put a dash in my glasses of water throughout the day.  So I need my big pouch of real salt :-)  This is a request to please start carrying it.  Maybe it would sell better if people were more informed about good healthy sea salt and how good it is for us.  A natural antibiotic.  I'm sure there are books on the topic.  Just googled and this one came up, "Salt Your Way to Health."

Another item I'm missing that you used to carry is the Country Choice Old-Fashioned Oats.  There's even a coupon for it in one of your current coupon booklets.  It's really a bummer that I have to go to Whole Foods to purchase both of these items.  So hoping these items will be on our shelves soon :-)Thank you.  Love our co-op :-)