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Starting a comment period about carrying Eden Foods products

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Jessica Becker, D...
Jessica Becker, Daniel Brown's picture
Joined: Jan 11 2014

Companies that actively seek to discriminate against clientele and workers do not deserve my dollars,  particularly when I have the ability to make more ethical shopping choices.  I would love to see the co-op stop selling products from EdenFoods and instead carry products by more ethical companies that try to enhance the lives of their employees.   We can speak our minds individually with our shopping selection, but I think it sends a louder message when those individual actions are combined in to a group action.  

Maybe Eden will never learn their mistake and will continue fighting for the right to discriminate against women.  Maybe a boycott will mot change their stance.  Even if those things happen, I would feel much better knowing the co-op as a whole decided together to stop helping that company fund their crusade to interfere with women's healthcare.

Colleen Ryan
Colleen Ryan's picture
Joined: May 24 2014

Brendon, I just logged on to start a thread on this topic - so glad you beat me to it. I've appreciated and enjoyed Eden Foods products over the past 15+ years and was saddened (okay - pissed)

to hear of their agenda with regard to contraceptive coverage for their employees

as it left a very foul taste in my mouth. I'm easily going to NOT purchase their products any longer and I would be equally dismayed if Willy Street chooses not to pull their products from the shelves.

Willy Street is a community and this is not who we are, right? Discrimination is a weapon - if we don't respond to it in an effective manner, well, then we may as well sell guns and ammo, too and invite the republicans for tea.

Respectfully, I request Eden Food

products be removed from our stores.

Thanks for opening the conversation up.

Kirsten Moore
Kirsten Moore's picture
Joined: Jul 25 2013

Thank you for responding, Colleen. 

As a reminder to all who comment, the Co-op is a nonpartisan organization. There are many reasons for the Co-op to decide or not decide to carry a product, but Democrat/Republican is not one of them.