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Third Location

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Diane Recob, Jim ...
Diane Recob, Jim Recob's picture
Joined: Jun 10 2013

Hello!  Has Fitchburg been considered as a possible site for our third location?  Our family lives in Fitchburg (as of last fall) and see what seems to be a real opportunity for the co-op.  I have communicated regularly with the city government regarding green initiatives and practices and have been impressed by the commitments to these types of endeavours.  I purschase most of our food from the co-op and must travel a bit to get to either current locations.  The Fitchburg community would be great for us, but also for lots of folks in this direction.

Vassil Peytchev
Vassil Peytchev's picture
Joined: Oct 31 2012

The Fitchburg/Verona area is probably a good idea also due to the proximity of Epic. My guess is that a lot of the people working there will love to be able to shop in a near-by coop location.

Kirsten Moore
Kirsten Moore's picture
Joined: Jul 25 2013

Thank you for writing. I will pass your suggestion on to our general manager. As one might imaging, we have received quite a few requests from many Owners as to where to locate a store and we welcome the input to help the board make the most informed decision possible.