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Issues and Information

To change the Ownership record of your address, phone number or email address, please do one of the following:

  • Update the information in your User Account
  • Stop by the Customer Service desk
  • Call (608) 251-6776
  •  the information to Customer Service

Dane County Co-ops by category

Bisphenol A

FDA Recalls listings
(this is a complete FDA feed and does not necessarily reflect products carried by the Willy Street Co-op)

Offsite links

The Certified Organic Associations of British Columbia chart

Federal Food Safety Website

Animal Welfare Statements

On December 17, 2009, Willy Street Co-op sent formal requests to our meat and poultry suppliers to provide an official statement about their animal husbandry practices, specifically the welfare and treatment of their livestock. The producers' letters are linked here for our Owners and shoppers to review. If you have any questions regarding this information or humane farming practices, please contact Co-op Services by emailing or by calling 608-251-6776.

Black Earth Meats
Caprine Supreme
Cascade Fresh
Cates Family Farm
CROPP Cooperative
Farmers' Creamery
Lange Farms
M & M Organic Farms
New Century Farms
Organic Valley
    Prairie Bluff Farm
    Redwood Hill Farm
    Schlitz Goose Farm
    Wallaby Yogurt Company
    Willow Creek Farm

    Soy Scorecard

    We were pleased in late May to receive the much-anticipated Cornucopia Institute Soy Scorecard. The Cooperative is already featuring several of the products and brands which received complimentary ratings. We are also offering some of the lowest-rated products. Our thanks go to Cornucopia for providing more information for our owners to use in determining their food choices. As with any product in our Cooperative, we are again reminding Owners that the Cooperative is here to be of service to them and provide only those products they continue to purchase. If, after continuing to publish and promote this new information, we find our Owners are continuing to buy some or all of those products with low ratings, we will assume that there are other characteristics about those products that are still appealing and keep them on our shelves. As with all aspects of the Co-op, the decision is ultimately in the hands of our Owners.

    Egg Scorecard

    The Cornucopia Institute’s report, Scrambled Eggs: Separating Factory Farm Egg Production from Authentic Organic Agriculture, rates companies that market name-brand and private-label organic “shell” eggs based on 22 criteria that are important to organic consumers. The highest rated brand we carry is New Century Farm eggs, with a "4 egg" rating. There are three Wisconsin brands with a "5 egg" rating, but currently these farmers don't have enough eggs to meet the demand of our customers. If they do in the future, we will try to bring them in.

    Allergen Statement

    Willy Street Co-op staff take pride in using high quality products and safe food-handling procedures. However, only packaged products with allergen-free claims should be considered safe for those who have extreme food-related allergies.

    All equipment and production space in the Willy Street Co-op Kitchen and our Delis is shared, and common allergens (nuts, soy, wheat, dairy, eggs) are used daily. Even if a prepared food's ingredients do not contain an allergen, it is possible that it inadvertently came into contact with traces of one during preparation.

    Our pre-packaged bulk items ("Willy-Packed" dried fruits, snacks, and other foods) are packed in our Kitchen, and should not necessarily be considered allergen-free either.

    Our Bulk aisles also feature some products that contain allergens, and airborne transfer of allergens could occur.

    We cannot guarantee that cross-contamination can be completely avoided in any of these cases, so if you have a serious food allergy, please be advised of this and act accordingly.

    If you would like to order a full case of any bulk or Willy-Packed item in order to avoid its being handled in our shared environments please call or ask a staff member about pre-ordering.

    Corporate Ownership of Organic and Natural Food Companies

    Organic and natural food is a profitable business right now - hence the interest from huge corporations. Acquisitions and takeovers have reduced the number of independent organic food companies. Here's a great resource for helping to find out who's making your food, compiled by Philip H. Howard, an Associate Professor at Michigan State University. The most recent acquisition affecting a brand we carry is General Mills' acquisition of Food Should Taste Good in February of 2012.

    Organic Processing Industry Structure