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Owner Rights and Benefits

Becoming an Owner of the Co-op gives you an opportunity to join your friends and neighbors in building a community-owned and democratically controlled economic institution that serves the Owners. Co-op Owners are helping to build a business that brings integrity to the marketplace, a company that is responsive to and operates with the consumers' interests at heart, while providing the community with good jobs and good food.

As a Willy Street Co-op Owner, you can:

  1. Receive a Patronage Refund during years the Co-op is profitable (initiated in late 2009)
  2. Access to Owner only online features like sale prices, Owner forums and subscribe to the Reader email.
  3. Take advantage of Owner Rewards sales
  4. Receive free tickets to our Annual Meeting & Party
  5. Get discounts on pre-ordered case purchases
  6. Special order items not regularly sold in the store
  7. Receive our monthly newsletter, the Reader, in the mail
  8. Receive a 5% discount on Reader advertising
  9. Participate in the organization by serving on committees or running for the Board of Directors
  10. Co-op reciprocity: When traveling you'll pay owner prices at most other retail food co-ops throughout the country by showing your Willy Street Co-op Owner card
  11. Save 5% every day (Owners pay shelf price; non-Owners pay 5% more)
  • Benefits are limited to Willy Street Co-op Owners only; purchase surcharges waived for customers with legitimate ownership cards from other existing food co-ops.

You'll find competitive prices at the Co-op, along with several programs designed to help you save even more!

Owner Rewards weekly promo

Owner Rewards are sales promotions that are available only to Owners of the Willy Street Co-op. New sales are offered each week from great items throughout the store. Current store items on the Owner Rewards promotion are listed here (

Co-op Deals monthly promo

Co+op™ Deals are part of a sales program that's available to all grocery co-ops. Items on this promotion are available to all shoppers and are updated every two to three weeks. Current store items on the Co-op Deals promotion are listed here (


The IDEALS program will replace our old ESP (Everyday Sale Price) items. IDEALS will cover roughly the same number and type of staple items that the ESPs did, and will only include the high quality and organic natural foods you’ve come to expect from Willy Street Co-op. Current store items on the IDEALS promotion are listed here (

Wellness Wednesday logo

Wellness Wednesday happens on the first Wednesday of each month. On this day, all Health and Wellness items are 10% off. This includes multivitamins and minerals, protein powders, lotions, soaps, bulk teas and medicinal herbs, cold remedies, toothpaste, and much more!

2015 Wellness Wednesday Calendar


Madison HOURS

Beginning December 24th, 2013, Madison HOURS will no longer be accepted at either Co-op location. The paper currency will continue to circulate but under the management of the Dane County Time Bank (DCTB) as time shares. The Madison HOURS Cooperative will cease to exist on Dec 31, 2013.