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Just for Fun

Graphics, photos and quotes from the Co-op that we're sharing just for fun. Follow us on social media for more fun stuff - see links at the bottom of the page.

Leah took this photo of a parsnip that looks a lot like the tail end of a giraffe. Other interpretations welcome, just keep it clean, folks. | Willy Street Co-op
Good advice, no matter where you live.
Whopping 4-pound head of Crossroads Community Farm romaine modeled by Jodeci from West Produce. | Willy Street Co-op

Matin in East Produce is wearing his produce camouflage shirt today. | Willy Street Co-op

"If ants are that busy..." | Willy Street Co-op
from the 2013 Annual Meeting & Party | Willy Street Co-op
Jack sure does like butter

Jack really likes butter.

chalkboard drawing

Co-op shopper Zuri created this masterpiece at Willy East in the kids' area. She rattled off the names of the planets in order and provided a communicator television for the fish in the spaceship!

The beet box drink special | Willy Street Co-op - East
Halloween 2012 at Willy West | Willy Street Co-op
Anti-shoplifting measures instituted at Willy West | Willy Street Co-op