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Regenerative Roots

Products from Regenerative Roots are currently available at Willy East and Willy West.

Regenerative Roots tomatoesRegenerative Roots started business in 2011 and has been selling to the Co-op since 2012. Supplying the Co-op with Sun Gold Tomatoes, Italian Basil, Tender Baby Ginger.  Anne Drehfal and Dennis Fiser grow about two acres of diversified produce to support a small group of CSA members in nearby towns. Exotic crops like ginger, lemongrass, lemon basil, and orange thyme provide tropical flavors from Wisconsin soils. They prioritize keeping the farm at a manageable size, where they can be personally involved in every step of planting, growing and harvesting food. More information is available on their website ( and their Facebook Page: Roots Owners

Their mission is to be a responsible steward of the soil by being committed to a highly diverse ecology for producing food which encompasses perennials, livestock, and fungi alongside annual vegetable production. They envision their farm as an educational space for themselves and the community while minimizing the use of fossil fuels through human power, gravity, bicycles, and renewable energy. By keeping the farm at a manageable size they can observe and participate in all of its aspects. This helps produce high quality food to nourish the land, the farmers and their neighbors in an ecologically regenerative and economically sustainable way.

Located in Jefferson, WI
Owners - Anne Drehfal and Dennis Fiser

Producer website -