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Tipi Produce

Products from Tipi Produce are currently available at Willy East and Willy West.

Tipi ProduceSelling wholesale since 1977.  Supplying the Willy Street Co-op for 33 years. Their goal as farmers is to provide you with an appealing variety of high-quality produce so attractive and tasty that you and your family will eat more vegetables than you ever imagined. They are proud of their succulent carrots, fragrant bell peppers, sweet watermelons picked at the peak of ripeness.

They're growing produce on 48 acres this season; about 50 different crops, over 400 different cultivars (varieties). Major crops are carrots and other root crops, lettuce, zucchini and summer squash, bunched greens, cabbage, peppers, cantaloupes  and watermelons.

Located in Evansville, WI
Owners - Beth Kazmar & Steve Pincus


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