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Our Sustainable Practices

Both Willy East and West have received an Energy Star Label! See our article about it here and here Willy East was also named as one of the 2011 MPower Business Champion.


Sustainable PracticeWilly EastWilly West
Recycleable packaging used in for our Deli food Yes Yes
Circulatory ceiling fans to help reduce heating and cooling costs Yes (3) Yes (5)
Aluminum night covers for produce cases. They reduce warm air flow into cases at night, improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption. Yes Not Yet
Promotion of bag credits (5¢ off for each paper bag reused; 10¢ for each cloth bag or backpack) Yes Yes
Environmentally sound soaps and cleaning agents are used whenever possible, and cleaning and office supplies are bought in bulk to limit the amount of packaging and pollution from transportation Yes Yes
Our maintenance team has a knack for finding ways to fix or renovate broken or discarded furniture and display fixtures into useful creations to meet our needs and keep more trash out of landfills Yes Yes
Emphasis on organic and natural foods, the production of which uses minimal non-renewable resources Yes Yes
Energy-efficient lighting Yes Not Yet
Occupancy sensors Yes Not Yet
High-efficiency refrigeration systems Yes Not Yet
Day-lighting (where we could make it work) Yes Not Yet
Heat reclaim systems Yes Not Yet
Energy-star certified equipment Yes Not Yet
Low-flow water fixtures Yes Not Yet
Recycling of paper, packing peanuts, light bulbs, toner cartridges and plastic Yes Yes
We also strive to buy as much local food as we can, greatly reducing the energy used for transportation and intermediary storage Yes Yes
All locations were existing buildings that we had remodeled for our needs rather than new structures Yes Yes
The Willy West customer service desk and children's area mural were bought from the Madison Children's Museum before their move and repurposed. NA Yes
The Willy East's customer service desk is made of a reclaimed and rapidly renewable raw sorghum straw and low-emitting materials.  Yes NA
Aisle signs at Willy West are partially made from old wooden doors. NA Yes
Aisle signs at Willy East are made from reclaimed barn wood from Southeast Wisconsin.  Yes NA
Stores and Production Kitchen take delivery of eggs, olive and canola oils from a farmer driving a biodiesel truck Yes Yes


Sustainable PracticeWilly EastWilly West
Solar Pumping station designed by Resource Solar - the new station’s collectors on our roof pre-heats water that is piped to our store's hot water heater, reducing our use of fossil fuels Yes Not Yet
Rooftop solar panels Yes Not Yet
Rain garden Yes NA
Decorative cob (sustainable earthen building material) wall Yes NA
To compost trimmings or foliage from direct weeding, a “brown” yard composter was built on the Jenifer St. side of the building Yes Not Yet
Participant in the Green Wind Power program through MG&E Yes Yes
Two electric car charging stations in our parking lots Yes Yes
No synthetic pesticides or herbicides are used in maintaining the lawns on Co-op property; a vinegar and clove-based herbicide is used around the building’s exterior as needed during the growing season Yes NA