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Tuscan Tuna and Bean Salad

Prep time
10 mins
Entrée | Side dishes | Salads

Recipe adapted from


This makes a satisfying light meal in hot weather, or a change of pace side dish in the colder months.


1 cnwhite beans (15-oz, drained and rinced)
2 clvgarlic (minced)
2 Tlemon juice (divided use)
4 Tolive oil (divided use)
4 Tparsley (chopped, or basil leaves, divided use)
1⁄2 tsalt (divided use)
1⁄2 tblack pepper (or to taste, divided use)
2 cntuna (6-oz, drained)
1⁄4 ckalamata olives (pitted and chopped)
1 celery rib (diced small)
2 Tred onion (minced)


Prepare beans:
Coarsely mash about half the beans with a fork in a bowl, then stir in remaining beans, garlic, 1-tablespoon lemon juice, 2-tablespoons oil, 2-tablespoons parsley, and 1/4 teaspoon each salt, and pepper.
Make tuna:
Flake tuna in a bowl with a fork, then stir in 2-tablespoons basil, olives, celery, onion, 2 tablespoons oil, 1-tablespoon lemon juice, and 1/4-teaspoon each salt and pepper until combined.
Gently combine bean and tuna mixtures and serve at once.


This is also delicious with chopped, ripe, local tomatoes stirred in at the end.