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Remodel Update - 11/08/13

Owners approved it by vote, we’ve talked about it for months, and now it’s finally starting! The project is expected to last from November 2013-August 2014.

What’s happening next week (11/11/13-11/17/13):

  • No change to the retail floor will be made.
  • Ice and wood will not be sold for a while.
  • The ATM will be removed and a smaller one placed temporarily inside the store in the coming weeks. The temporary ATM will not accept deposits. We currently expect to replace the regular ATM in mid-January.
  • Temporary fencing put up in front of, and behind, store. A temporary sidewalk will be installed for customers to get from the west side of the building to the entrance.
  • Temporary walls near and within our entranceway will be installed; our foyer will temporarily become smaller.

Coming up later this month:

  • Excavation begins for our expanded back room and new entrance.

Questions? Please see our FAQ or email yours to Images of the changes to the floorplan are posted here.