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Willy East Remodel Project suggestions

To improve functionality and a better overall shopping experience, we will be remodeling Willy East in late spring of 2013.

Although we are not able to grow our property and add parking or additional buildings, we can make a wide variety of improvements to the interior and exterior of the store. We want to know what improvements to your store that you would most like to see.

We encourage you to submit your comments or suggestions by using the kiosk in the store, or commenting below.

i havent been to the co op in

i havent been to the co op in months but i always had problems with the way the juice bar is run and managed...i have experienced it being ill-run, mismanaged, disorganized, slow, and inconsistent

as well the way it is configured spatially...customers are always getting in each others way and bumping into each other and its awkward and embarrassing

will elaborate later



I've been shopping at Willy East since it opened. A few years later, I started using a wheelchair. The current Willy East layout is very functional for me, and I want to encourage those involved in the redesign to maintain this access. Wheelchair non-users can often perceive an accessible design as "full of unused space." Maintaining access requires the walls in the right place PLUS the users' respect of the space. Many places built around the same time as Willy East are inaccessible to me now. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK — because there will be more of us members using chairs/scooters.

So in the redesign, please continue these excellent features:

BATHROOMS: large enough that one person can help another transfer on to the toilet. There's also enough room for a powerchair to turn around.

AISLES: wide enough for a cart and a wheelchair to maneuver past each other.

CORNERS: Sharp corners cut visibility and increase the chance of collisions. Knock back the corner to 45° or install mirrors.

Thank you - That is excellent

Thank you - That is excellent feedback and I'll share this with our architect.

Lynn Olson

Director of Cooperative Services

I think the front elevation

I think the front elevation of the new building should have cornices along the top. The cornices might match those of one of the neighboring buildings.

Also, there should be a porch roof, or overhang over the front. The new upstairs space could overhang the entrance area, at least part of the entrance area. I think this creates a more welcoming feel to the front, rather than the plain, flat appearance you have on your front elevation sketch now.

Peter Bradley
1325 Spaight St.

I went to the meeting the

I went to the meeting the other night and I will clarify some of the ideas I spoke about there.
I believe the best use of the money set aside for this project would be to use it towards an energy audit to see how the biggest energy using systems at the coop can be made more efficient. These would be air conditioning, heating,lighting, and refrigeration systems. An example would be to make the most use of waste heat from the air conditioning and refrigeration to heat water for the store, or to provide heating for the store in winter. Upgrading these mechanical systems to be more efficient now will keep future maintenance or replacement costs down as well as achieve the energy reclamation which is so sensible as well as ethical. The coop uses a lot of electricity for these and the less it uses is best for not only keeping overhead costs down to keep food prices lower, but also environmentally by not consuming so much coal or natural gas derived power. There are also ways to reclaim the heating or cooling from exhaust air.

There are a few solar panels on the roof but there is room for a lot more, and the costs of solar electric panels has never been less. Technology on the grid tie inverters has improved since the coop installed the system it has now. Put money into that first before constructing additional space. There used to be a saying that small is beautiful , but in my mind small is sometimes also more efficient.

I understand there is a great need for additional and new bathrooms as well as more area around the checkout and front door areas, but that doesn't need to be as great a project as is now being proposed with tearing the front of the building off and replacing it with two story addition. I had the impression that this project is moving too fast because the goal seems to be just to build more space without an adequate assessment of if this addition will just increase overhead which would in turn increase the costs of food.

I believe the money would be best spent to make the store more energy efficient, to make the store operations easier such as improving loading dock and storage, and to improve the bathrooms. After all that is calculated and the cost savings then that would be the time to assess a grand building addition.

My impression from the meeting is that the coop ship is set to sail to spend two million dollars towards building an addition while not making a thorough assessment of improving what is there now and that is not a sustainable course.

I would like to see a

I would like to see a dedicated section in the packaged grocery department for local products. This would be a permanent section, however the selection of products would vary over time. Preferably a prominent purple section with clear LOCAL signage to help shoppers differentiate this section from other parts of the store. It has been mentioned that some small local vendors have a hard time meeting the demand of our stores. Perhaps if they started their product in a section like this where the shelf space is elastic, they could work their way towards earning a home spot on a shelf in the main aisle by demonstrating the consistent ability to meet our needs.

Elsewhere in the store (grocery/wellness etc.) I would like to see local products featured at eye level, and large national/corporate brands moved closer to floor level.

I love the layout of the

I love the layout of the Willy West deli and bakery. They have a great selection of hot items. It would also be great to have wine and beer available at Willy East.

Hi. I'd love to see a meat

Hi. I'd love to see a meat counter like Willy West - grass fed beef, bison, etc. Also a larger freezer section of gluten-free breads, rolls, etc.

Thank you.