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Willy East Remodel Update: Mar. 14th

Thanks to everyone who attended the town hall meetings about the Willy East remodel that were held on Dec. 4th, Jan. 13th and Jan. 17th, and who gave us feedback about remodel ideas and who asked questions via our website and in-store kiosk.

Interior planning is still underway, but below you can see our plans for the exterior. These are still just plans at this point - the final project may look different, and we'll keep you posted about any changes. Not shown on the graphic is the planned extension of the back corner of the building, which we plan to extend for extra storage space and to put a few offices on a second floor addition. (Most of the store couldn't support a second story, but the front and back corner can.) This will be a LEED-certified project.

The consultants and businesses in project group are as follows:
Architect - Aro Eberle
Structural Engineer - Cold Springs Design
Construction Manager - Huffman Facility Development
Construction - Vogel Brothers Building Company

Work is expected to start in the next few months. We will be posting more information, so please check back.