Write Us!
We welcome your comments and give each one attention and serious consideration. Send them to or fill out a Customer Comment form in the Owner Resources area. Each month a small selection is printed in the Reader. The rest can be found in the commons or in the binder near Customer Service. Thank you!

Take it low and slow

Q: Could you cut the driveway entrance down? When I pulled in tonight the front end of my car bottomed out. Just FYI usually I walk but had 6 gallons H2O to refill. Thanks.

A: Hi. Sorry that you bottomed out, but the grade of the driveway is determined by the height of the sidewalk and street and the depth of the median. All of these factors are controlled by the city and are not likely to change anytime soon. A couple of things you can do to avoid bottoming out are to come in slower and to come in at a slight angle instead of straight on. Leading with one wheel will help you over the hump without scraping. I hope that helps. -Jim Jirous, Maintenance Coordinator

Driving in circles

Q: Please appeal to people to drive the right way in the parking lot. Over the past week I have seen people repeatedly turn right towards the loading dock and drive around. It is extremely hazardous. Thank you!

A: The arrows that we painted in the lot are intended to encourage traffic flow. I’m guessing, based on the date of your comment that you were here on a heavy traffic day, when traffic is bad without people driving against the flow. I will look into signage possibilities and maybe a note in the Reader. -Jim Jirous, Maintenance Coordinator

Hooray for Hammie!

Q: My hamster, Hammie, loves your organic pecans and sunflower seeds. Really, this isn’t a joke. Hooray!

A: I’m glad your hamster enjoys these products. There are some chickens in the area that enjoy filling up on random bulk products. Thanks for your comment. -Jesse Jensen, Grocery Coordinator

Fabulous class

Q: Neeta Saluja’s cooking class was fabulous—all vegetarian; all delicious! Please include a spinach or other greens dish in the next class and chai!! I am sure she could fill the house month after month if word got out!!! Thanks!

A: Thanks for the feedback! Neeta’s planning to teach more classes with us when she returns from India next year! -Lynn Olson, Cooperative Services Manager

Purple power

Q: We love the purple local tags. They make for quick shopping. The local tags found us a local yogurt we love. Please continue the purple tag system and extend it to include milk, tortilla chips and others. Just two we found recently that weren’t labeled! Thanks!

A: Thank you for your comment. I will look into making sure all of our local products are labeled as so. -Jesse Jensen, Grocery Coordinator

Not-so-sweet sweets

Q: I’m glad you’re offering gluten-free bakery goods. However, the primary 1st ingredient usually is sugar. Can you offer some not as sweet?

A: Thanks for the feedback. We have received some other requests to look into alternative sweeteners for this catalog of products, so be assured it is on our plate. Thanks. -Josh Perkins, Kitchen Manager

Keep on CHIPpin’!

Q: Thanks for the explanation about “CHIP” (October issue). Consider putting a little 8x10 or 5x7 flyer at the checkout or near the checkout as a reminder, especially for folks new to Willy St. Coop or those (like me) who didn’t know. I will now be willing to say YES when asked. Thanks!

A: Thanks for the comment! We have some at Customer Service, but they aren’t as noticeable as they should be—I’ll address that, and get occasional signs about at the registers. Thanks again! -Brendon Smith, Communications Manager

Random numbers

Q: Why can’t I buy 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 7 or 8 or 9 or 10 or 11, etc., etc. eggs? Why are bulk eggs sold only in 6 & 12?

A: The dozen and half dozen is an egg standard that we just followed. Our intention is to offer eggs without packaging so customers can reduce and reuse packaging they already have. Also it makes it easier at the register to only have two sizes. Thanks for the question. -Matt Hofstede, Grocery Coordinator

Credit and debit usage follow-up

Q: I would be interested in seeing a follow-up to Rick Bernstein’s article about the use of debit cards. Have members responded? Is debit card use down? Thanks! (You all do such a wonderful job-can’t say it often enough!)

A: It appears that there wasn’t much decrease in credit/debit card usage. We’re talking about options now for what to do next. Thanks for your question. -Brendon Smith, Communications Manager

Contest entries

Q: Whenever there is a contest or drawing, I assume that anyone can enter as often as they wish unless it is posted otherwise. But if I ask at the desk, the answer is always “One per membership!” Limiting 2 people to one. I don’t think that is fair and it bothers me. Thanks.

A: After much consideration I’ve decided to have each person on a household membership be able to enter. Thanks for your comment, and I’m sorry that it took me so long to get back to you! -Brendon Smith, Communications Manager

Make my mocha; make my day

Q: I came in this morning around 9:45ish to get a mocha (soy). Feeling real crummy I ordered from the gentleman at the drink bar. He took his mocha making very seriously and asked me very specific questions about how I wanted it to be. This made me feel really special!! Thank you for taking the time to make something with so much care and for brightening my day!!

A: Thank you! I will make sure to show this to the staff. They are always thrilled when someone takes time from their busy day to say something nice! -Dan Moore, Prepared Foods Manager

Rainchecks on sale items

Q: During October you theoretically had Rudi’s English Muffins on sale. However, 3 weeks of shopping revealed that you only had spelt, of the 3 varieties advertised. This is obviously a supplier problem—so they should extend the sale to you and you to us—how about it?

A: Unfortunately we cannot do rain checks on sales items, because suppliers do not usually extend the sale after its time. I understand how you feel, and it is frustrating to have a sale planned and then not receive the product. Often this happens because the sale is so successful that our suppliers underestimate how much of the product they will need. I apologize for this inconvenience. Thank you for your comments!! -Dean Kallas, Purchasing Manager