Write Us!
We welcome your comments and give each one attention and serious consideration. Send them to or fill out a Customer Comment form in the Owner Resources area. Each month a small selection is printed in the Reader. The rest can be found in the commons or in the binder near Customer Service. Thank you!

Flour request

Q: Please carry some kind of whole-wheat graham flour. You used to stock Bob’s Red Mill brand but it’s been dropped by the distributor. It’s delicious in baked goods! And I often buy it.

A: I am looking to see if any distributor we work with carries this product. Bob’s Red Mill produces a lot of niche products and when the distributor discontinues something it can be hard to replace. Check back in the future. -Matt Hofstede, Grocery Department

Disappearing product

Q: Will the Soy Deli Nigari-Style Tofu be making a comeback? I know there were some problems a couple of months back, but it’s my favorite. If not, will there be something comparable? Thanks!

A: Thanks for the comment. I will see what’s going on and try to get these products back on the shelf. -Matt Hofstede, Grocery Department

Raisin request

Q: Please stock muscat seeded raisins.

A: I was unable to find muscat seeded raisins through any of our distributors. I was able to find that you can order them direct from Sunmaid at www.sunmaid.com. They also state that their Muscat raisins are no longer available in retail stores but they don’t explain why. I will keep an eye out for different brands in the future. -Jesse Jensen, Grocery Coordinator

Delicious pie

Q: Wow—I made the Pumpkin Pear Pie invented by Liz Amundsen (and winner of the Willy Street Pie contest in 2006 as best vegan pie). I brought the pie to my family Christmas and, when I served myself a slice, got sideways looks from folks who know I don’t eat dairy. They thought I had flipped and was eating cheesecake. It was SOOOO good. Thanks for publishing the delightfully creamy (and dairy-free) recipe.

A: We’re glad you liked the Pumpkin Pear Pie! And, thanks for letting us know. -Liz Wermcrantz, Reader Editor

Sugar-free coffee syrups

Q: Please bring in more sugar-free coffee syrup flavors to the juice bar. You’ve been out of the SF caramel for months (almond would be nice, too)! Thanks.

A: Thanks for writing. We’ll be getting more caramel in very shortly. In addition, we get hazelnut and vanilla, which are the only three flavors currently available from our distributor. If more become available, we’ll bring them in. -Dan Moore, Prepared Foods Manager

More Camillo!

Q: I’d like to see some more Italian cooking classes with Camillo this winter!

A: Hello. Yes, we’ve been waiting for Camillo to let us know he’s available after fulfilling his coaching obligations for a volleyball team. Good news, though! We’ve scheduled a class for this month. See the Community Room Calendar on pages 6-7 for more information. -Lynn Olson, Cooperative Services Manager

Product line suggestion

Q: Please look into having products from the Glutino Company. They make really good gluten-free foods. Thanks!

A: Thanks for the comment. If you have any specific suggestions that would be helpful. -Matt Hofstede, Grocery Supervisor

Decaf coffee methods

Q: Have you considered carrying a line of Swiss water decaf coffee? The Swiss water decaf process is chemical free and is recommended for people with chemical sensitivities.

A: I consulted our Equal Exchange representative and they indicated that the water process they use is equal if not better than the Swiss water method. In fact, they might be switching to the Swiss water method because it is more affordable and readily available in Canada and Mexico. -Matt Hofstede, Grocery Supervisor

Bread tunnels

Q: We have been loyal Natural Ovens “Fan Club” eater and promoters for 7 years. We’ve sampled them all, but like Right Wheat best. The problem is: Right Wheat occasionally has holes (or voids) in the loaf. But we keep buying it. This last loaf, however, has a hole—no, a tunnel the size of a golf ball 2/3s the length of the loaf. This problem must get to the attention of quality control in Manitowoc. If we find this again, we will seek another brand.

A: Thank you for your comment. Natural Ovens has a new formula for this bread. This is the first comment they heard and they will work on this. -Paul O’Donnell, Grocery Team Member

Must have Mrs. Clark’s

Q: For the last 20 or so years I have purchased Mrs. Clark’s mayonnaise. Today, alas, it is gone! It is a good tasting, low cost product and I miss it. You’ve carried it as long as there’s been a Willy St. Co-op. Can you please please please get it back?

A: This is back! Finally! I know...we were having vendor problems with this product. Ended up having to pull it from a different vendor altogether. Thanks for your comment! -Lucas Barraza, Grocery Merchandiser

Labeling issues

Q: I love the Cowgirl Cookies and that they’re vegan. I was shocked reading the ingredients that the chocolate chips may contain MILK! Are the Cowgirl Cookies really vegan?

A: They are really vegan. The chips are made in a factory that uses dairy, so by law they are compelled to label their product with “may contain milk,” much as non-nut products often bear the label “processed in a facility that may also process nuts” Eat Cowgirl Cookies with a clear conscience/complexion. -Josh Perkins, Kitchen Manager