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We welcome your comments and give each one attention and serious consideration. Send them to or fill out a Customer Comment form in the Owner Resources area. Each month a small selection is printed in the Reader. The rest can be found in the commons or in the binder near Customer Service. Thank you!

Where’s the hummus?

Q: Where’s the hummus? I couldn’t find it!

A: Thanks for writing. I’m sorry for the confusion—looks like we need some more signs! We moved all of the dips and most of the cream cheese to the refrigerated case at the end of aisle one, next to the fresh RP’s pasta, pitas, and bagels. In response to customer requests, they’re now closer to some of the things they go best with. We will be making a few more location changes as we debut some new, exciting products in the coming months, so please bear with us. Dan Moore, Prepared Foods Manager

How to special order

Q: How could I order/find “Yummi Bears” (children’s multi-vitamin) by Hero Nutritional Products? Thank you.

A: They are available from one of our distributors. You may call or stop by the Wellness desk to set up the special order. Thanks! -Matthew Fure, Assistant Wellness Manager

Low-fat organic cheese

Q: Could you please carry more low-fat organic cheese? I don’t know why it seems to be so hard to find. I love my co-op! Thanks!

A: Thanks for your suggestions. I’m always searching for new products to satisfy our customers’ needs. At present, we carry eight varieties of organic cheeses that are lower in fat: Wisconsin Organics Farmers Cheese and seven Organic Valley products—mozzarella, shredded mozzarella, Stringles, grated Parmesan, Neufchatel bars and tubs and reduced fat mild cheddar. I’ll keep my eyes open for other options, but if you have any suggestions, please let me know and I’ll try to find those items for you. Thank you. -Stuart Mammel, Cheese Coordinator

Sugar-free list

Q: Can you compile a sugar-free (including honey, molasses, evaporated cane juice, corn syrup, sugar alcohol, agave syrup, maple syrup, and various forms of hidden sugar) list? Can you make sugar-free deli items and baked goods? That would be truly appreciated.

A: Hello. I am forwarding your request for such a list to Communications, the appropriate department for generating that manner of signage. As far as excluding all sugars from foods—it’s really difficult. Many items for sale are without refined sugar—in fact, most of the Deli items do not contain it but natural sugars occur in so many forms that you almost have to invent new dishes to see around them. For example, the beet salads we make do not contain added sugar but beets are chock full of it. I will look into our current catalog and see if I can get a list together to email to you. -Josh Perkins, Kitchen Manager

Hi, We’re working on having lists of many different products that address dietary concerns (gluten or dairy intolerance, no sugar, etc.) but it has been more complicated than we expected. We are still working on it, though! -Brendon Smith, Director of Communications

Recipes available

Q: I’ve been shopping here a long time and just noticed the recipe spin rack. Maybe you could add some tags on the produce shelves near the more obscure items directing people to seek it out? Thanks!

A: Hi, thanks for your great idea. We’re working on doing this very thing and connecting it to the recipes we have on our website as well. Watch for it in the coming months! -Brendon Smith, Director of Communications

Locally grown Deli items

Q: Is there any way the Deli could allow the consumer to know when items they produce are locally grown? It would be a nice bit of knowledge plus add more incentive for them to use local ingredients.

A: I’m passing this along to Communications. We would be happy to give them a list of what we’re using week-by-week that is grown in WI, which would be adequate information to generate the signage you’re referring to. Thanks! -Josh Perkins, Kitchen Manager

I’m happy to say that we developed a system where we’ll get this information and post it weekly on the website and Deli counter. Thanks for your comment—it was the motivation we needed to get it figured out! - Brendon Smith, Director of Communications

Delicious soup

Q: I love love love the Chicken Wild Rice soup—please serve it more often! Thanks for being awesome!

A: Thanks for the wonderful feedback. We will absolutely do our best to keep this one in steady rotation. -Josh Perkins, Kitchen Manager