Write Us!
We welcome your comments and give each one attention and serious consideration. Send them to or fill out a Customer Comment form in the Owner Resources area. Each month a small selection is printed in the Reader. The rest can be found in the commons or in the binder near Customer Service. Thank you!

I am a human being

Q: I am a human being. A person. I’m not a machine, a robot or a number. Have the cashers ask us for our names and then our numbers. C’mon! Put some humanity back into this techno-machine crazed world! (I’m sick and tired of asking for this.)

A: We appreciate our customers and owners and understand that all of you are people with names and not just numbers. However, our membership system operates with a system of numbers and in our efforts to provide good customer service, which includes helping customers efficiently, we us that system of numbers at the register for our members. We are happy to look up members by name when it is requested. We still feel we can have a personal relationship with our customers despite the numbers and strive to do this by providing the best service possible. Thanks. -Kristin Esselstrom, Front End Manager

Muffin idea

Q: My sister and I stopped in today for the raw food samples and ideas (which were great—thank you!) and wanted to pick up a whole grain muffin to stave off our hunger till lunch. There were none to be found! What’s with that? All the bakery is made with white flour. Supposedly there is a “Nothing” muffin that’s whole grain, but I’ve never seen one. On that shelf there is always “nothing!” How about some whole grain bakery options for those of us who know that white flour is not a healthy option?

A: Thank you for your feedback. Sometimes we get so busy filling our existing orders that we forget to look closely at where we need to expand our catalog. We will start working up a whole-grain muffin ASAP. Thanks again. -Josh Perkins, Kitchen Manager

A resident juice expert

Q: Tim at the Juice Bar is great! Whenever I see he’s working, it’s time for a Green Zinger. He was most helpful when I was using wheatgrass to get over a longstanding health problem. He is always friendly, knowledgeable and makes the absolute best drinks.

A: Thank for taking the time to write! It’s always nice to hear good things about the staff. -Dan Moore, Prepared Foods Manager

Keep the Kung Pao coming

Q: Bring back Kung Pao Tofu in the Deli.

A: Thanks for writing. It’ll be back as of next week. Every now and then we start to see a lot of loss on our regular menu items. That’s when we take it off for a week or two so folks start jonesing for it and we bring them back. -Dan Moore, Prepared Foods Manager

Missing crackers

Q: Whatever became of Barbara’s Cheese Crackers? They were soooo much better than those Late July over-salty, fat-ridden numbers. Sigh.

A: The Barbara’s company discontinued them. -Matt Hofstede, Grocery Supervisor

Bulk soap

Q: Is there any supplier that sells bulk laundry and/or dishwashing soap? If you get it I’d buy it.

A: We carry bulk laundry detergent and dish liquid from Bio-Pac. They are located in aisle 2 under the peanut grinders. Hopefully that is what you’re looking for. -Jesse Jensen, Grocery Coordinator

Quantity discount

Q: Do you have a quantity discount for bulk items such as goji berries, nutritional yeast, Brazil nuts? I buy those often and would like to get a discount.

A: We give a 10% discount on full case orders for products we carry for equity-paying owners. A full case of goji berries is 30#; a case of nutritional yeast is 50#; and a case of Brazil nuts is 44#. I hope this helps. -Jesse Jensen, Grocery Coordinator

Lending a hand

Q: It was negative 10º this morning and my car battery died. I want to thank Nate in grocery for jumping my car. Nice to meet another Coop employee and nice to know that the Coop is about more than food! Willy St. is a great place!

A: Thanks for the comment. I think we have great employees too! Cheers! -Pearl Weinandt, Grocery Manager

Alternatives to pads and bleached tampons

Q: I was pleased to find Haley’s article on menstrual products in the Jan. Reader. Props to her. I hope women continue to educate themselves no the alternatives to pads and bleached tampons. I love my Diva Cup!!

A: Thanks for the feedback. I’m glad you enjoyed the article. -Haley Hunsicker, Wellness Staff

Irish Music Jam

Q: The Irish Music Jam was an awesome addition to my Sunday grocery shop. Thanks!

A: Thanks be to the Celtic musicians. We’re happy to provide a venue. They are a great bunch of musicians! -Lynn Olson, Cooperative Services Manager

Sensational sushi

Q: Hi! I just ate your sushi today and I must say it was really good! I just got back from 6 months of foreign exchange in Japan, and the sushi here is just as good as it is over there! Keep up the good work!

A: I am happy you enjoy our sushi! Thanks for the positive feedback! -Dean Kallas, Purchasing Manager

Milk request

Q: It would be lovely if there was 2% milk (or other kind) at the juice/coffee bar in addition to half-and-half. Thanks!

A: Thanks for writing. 2% milk is available upon request from the JB Staff. Just ask! -Dan Moore, Prepared Foods Manager

Happy Haiku

Q: We love your baked goods. How about zucchini bread? Tasty little loaves! (We would love your reply to also be in haiku form.)

A: We welcome feedback And wonderful ideas. Keep your eyes open.
-Josh Perkins, Kitchen Manager

Vacuuming hours

Q: Please show respect for your customers and refrain from vacuuming while the store is open. This was 8:30pm, an hour before the store closes.

A: We apologize if our vacuuming seemed disrespectful. We try to be discreet and not interfere with customers’ shopping. We try to complete these tasks during store hours and while staff is still here to do it. In doing so, we are trying to make the most of the Co-op’s resources by not paying additional staff hours after close. We will continue to work to be as respectful as possible while still being good stewards of the Co-op’s resources. Thank you. -Kristin Esselstrom, Front End Manager