The cost of a gallon of milk

No doubt anyone that has had to fill up a tank of gas recently has felt the squeeze on his or her wallet. The Co-op has also seen the same increases reflected in additional charges from our vendors. I feel it is worth mentioning in my article that the domino effect the bio-fuels industry has on agriculture is yet another area placing additional burden on food prices in the USA. These aforementioned influences were my answer to a recent encounter with an owner in the store who expressed concern for the rising cost of groceries in our Co-op. I thought it best to share these thoughts with everyone thinking more will be looking for explanations for increased costs for staple items (i.e. milk, pasta, bread, and produce). Since the introduction of the ESP (Everyday Sale Prices) program, we’ve twice revised and expanded the list of staple foods offered to owners at a reduced price everyday based on feedback from our shoppers. If you have suggestions for more or different items, as always we will take that input into consideration next time we review the list.

Annual calendar

The annual calendar for the Co-op needed to shift to account for our change in the timing of the Annual Membership Meeting (AMM) from August to July. The ballot for Board of Director elections will be printed in the August issue of the Reader. The ballot box will be located in its regular location (at the front of the store) also beginning in August, until ballots are counted at the special meeting of the membership August 19th at 6:30pm.

Our Annual Membership Meeting is Thursday, July 10th and will be moving to a new location just a few blocks away. Check our website for location details as they are confirmed.

Board of Director elections

The Board of Director report this month offers an overview of the recent activities Board members have been involved in this year. The MPII project and efforts to resolve our commitments have been their primary focus. This Board has had an especially challenging year in terms of communicating our large-scale business strategies to you, the stakeholders. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for volunteering their service during a time where the challengers have been so great. While this has not been a typical year for the Board, or the Co-op for that matter, the burden to provide oversight and direction to management does rest in the hands of this group. In light of last year’s trials, they have indicated that they are seeking candidates who would enhance the process for future expansions and support management.

Jay DeNovo’s report has given me the perfect segue to remind all owners who have a desire to be more involved in the governance of the organization to consider running for the Board. If you are interested in running for the Board, please contact anyone on the Board or check out the information listed on our website at:

Please be reminded that candidates can begin self-nominating now until the AMM, where all candidates will be asked to briefly address the owners about their platform.

Second site update

Metropolitan Place II (MPII) remains an unknown entity at this time. I have had a conversation with the court-appointed receiver who is managing the property for the banks. I don’t have any details to report on a resurrected new deal lease, but will report any as they become available.

Please check our website ( or the Information Station in the store for the most up-to-date information. And feel free to contact me with questions or concerns:or 251-6776 x470.