Board of Director elections

Ballot included in this issue of the Reader!

Please read the candidate statements (also in this issue, as well as posted at the store) to help you decide for whom you will vote. This is an opportunity for you to become involved and contribute to the governance of the organization.


The Annual Membership Meeting was a huge event. Moving our meeting location to the site of La Fête de Marquette proved to be a successful challenge! Seventy-mph winds and a torrential downpour did not completely disrupt the event—the meeting and party went on more or less on time, not totally according to plan, but those of you that were there seemed to make the best of a less than ideal situation. Thank you for your patience and positive vibes throughout the night. We served approximately 1,296 meals!

The music following the business meeting performed by Nathan and the Zydeco Chas Chas was a perfect ending to a rough few hours. We have Bob Queen to thank for bringing this band to Madison to celebrate with the membership and open Le Fête de Marquette with their Zydeco music magic.

I would like to thank the La Fête organizers for allowing the Co-op to combine our annual event with theirs and the Mullins family for making the space available to host the event. Additionally, I would like to thank the Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center volunteer staff for the work they did to support the event—food preparation for 2,000 is no small matter!

Following the meeting and party, the management team discussed what worked well as well as what didn’t work well with the new site—the pros definitely outweighed the cons. For next year we still need to work on the sound being piped throughout the festival grounds, allow time during the business meeting for owners to ask questions of the Board and management team, and plan for multiple food lines. We are looking forward to working out the kinks of the new space with La Fête organizers for next year’s event.

Second site update

Metropolitan Place II (MPII) remains an unknown. The Co-op is in conversation with the receiver, but no deal been negotiated. Please check our website ( or the Information Station in the store for the most up-to-date information. And feel free to contact me with questions or concerns:or 251.6776 x470.

The Co-op does have in its possession several items that were purchased for the downtown site—these items were intended for the landscaping of the patio area at the front entrance of the store. The landlord’s build-out of the space remains an unknown, therefore it makes sense to sell some items if at all possible. If you are planning a landscaping project of your own and using brick pavers (two-plus pallets 6” x 12”), pre-cast pavers (seven pallets 24” x 24”), or flagstone is in the plans, please consider buying some or all of from us!