Write Us!
We welcome your comments and give each one attention and serious consideration. Send them to or fill out a Customer Comment form in the Owner Resources area. Each month a small selection is printed in the Reader. The rest can be found in the commons or in the binder near Customer Service. Thank you!

Fancy fruit

Q: Hi! I have heard of a fruit called longan and we looked it up. Can the Co-op see about getting it? It is supposed to be very delicious and amazingly good for you. Thanks!

A: Our distributors haven’t offered this to us. It is exported from Thailand and is probably grown conventionally. Most of our distributors offer a small conventional line, but it’s not full of exotics like this! I’d try Yue Wah or Asian Midway on S. Park Street. -Andy Johnston, Produce Manager

Fancy lettuce

Q: Can you carry mâche (lamb’s lettuce) at all?

A: We’ve offered it in the past, and it hasn’t done well! It might sell better now; it’s all the rage with foodies and gourmet restaurants, but because it’s so delicate and highly perishable, our regional distributors don’t carry it. I bet you can buy it from a local farmer at one of the many farmers’ markets around town! -Andy Johnston, Produce Manager

Packaging woes

Q: Dude! Alaffia Face Cream changed their packaging from a nice little tub to a big fancy dysfunctional dispenser. No me likey, so on to other creamy pastures.

A: We’ve passed your comment on to Alaffia. Thank you! -Matthew Fure, Assistant Wellness Manager

Lip color

Q: Please carry Ecotints lip color. It’s vegan—Burt’s Bees and AltaTerra are not. Thanks!

A: We will gladly special order Ecotints for you. Just call or stop by the desk in aisle 6. Thank you! -Matthew Fure, Assistant Wellness Manager

Ice cream switcheroo

Q: Please bring back Breyer’s Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. And more of the other Breyer’s kinds as well.

A: Thank you for the feedback. We chose to replace Breyer’s with Alden’s because it is organic yet competitive in price. Thank you. -Alex Risch, Assistant Grocery Manager

Any way you slice it

Q: Please bring back the unsliced bread loaves!! (Clasen’s)

A: Thanks for the feedback. I will pass this along to Clasen’s. -Alex Risch, Assistant Grocery Manager

Fast mac & cheese

Q: Could you look into carrying Annie’s single-serve microwaveable mac & cheese?

A: Good news! We carry this product. Look for it in aisle 3 on the top shelf near the other mac and cheese. Thanks. -Alex Risch, Assistant Grocery Manager

Product out-of-stock

Q: Hi. I’m getting really tired of coming to shop on Sat. only to find that my favorite gluten free pecan raisin Food for Life Bread is sold out, necessitating a second trip here on Mondays!!! Please stock more!

A: We will make sure to keep more of this product on hand and in stock. Sincerely, Matt Hofstede, Grocery Supervisor

Make that a double

Q: Quart-sized Neapolitan soy frozen dessert...If you carry it, I will buy it. (On the other hand, maybe you should not carry it.)

A: Thanks for the confession. We brought this product in while it was on sale for a limited time only. I will share your comment with the team for future consideration. -Matt Hofstede, Grocery Supervisor

Nice words from New Pi

Q: I am customer service manager for New Pi in IA City. I enjoyed my experience in your store today. Everyone was positive and helpful... especially Jeff in the coffee stand! Thanks for everything. Cool store.

A: Thanks! We aim to please. -Lynn Olson, Cooperative Services Manager

We are loved

Q: We had to move away from Madison and we really miss our Willy St. While we found a co-op, it’s nowhere near as great as here. Just wanted you to know you were missed and loved.

A: Thanks for continuing to stop in when you’re in town and for staying with the co-op principles in your new community. We plan to be here for a very long time—so know that we’ll also be here if you can ever move back! -Lynn Olson, Cooperative Services Manager

Corinna to the rescue

Q: Corinna, manager, was really awesome. I fell on my bike near the bike path because of the flooding. She tended to me when I asked for help. She was very supportive, attentive and nice. I really appreciate her honest kindness and concern for my accident. I felt she was awesome!

A: Thank you for taking the time to write to us about this. Corinna is a long-term staff member that is a pleasure to work with. I will pass on your appreciative comments. Take care of yourself. -Wynston Estis, Store Manager—Operations

Vanilla yogurt

Q: Could you stock Ben & Jerry’s vanilla flavored frozen yogurt?

A: Ben & Jerry’s has over 50 some ice cream products that we sell throughout the year. The hard part is that there is no one spot for any particular pint of ice cream or frozen yogurt. Another factor is that the company stocks their own product. I will pass your comment on to the Ben & Jerry’s stocker as well as offer you any assistance from the grocery team to locate this item. Additionally, I suggest the Stonyfield Vanilla Frozen Yogurt; it’s delicious. Regards, Matt Hofstede, Grocery Supervisor

Pits aren’t the pits

Q: Please add mixed olives, WITH pits intact, to the olive bar. I love having pitted kalamatas, etc. for cooking purposes—but not for serving. Thanks!

A: Thanks for writing. We are always checking with vendors to see what’s out there. In the meantime, feel free to mix and match the various unpitted olives out there. The Gaeta, Thasos, Moroccan, Kalamatas and Mount Pelion Brand all have pits. -Dan Moore, Prepared Foods Manager

Bike parking

Q: What part of “These spaces reserved for bikes with trailers” are people not getting?? Help! Hard to park a trailer elsewhere.

A: I think the problem might be a shortage of bike parking at the front of the store overall. We are working on getting another bike rack to alleviate the congestion. -Wynston Estis, Store Manager—Operations

Affordability and accessibility

Q: Some friends of mine (fellow co-op members) told me that, in its early days, the WSGC was much more about affordable prices for its members. Now, although some items are inexpensive, it seems to be getting more and more costly to shop at the Co-op. I’m just curious if the co-op purposely made a shift away from money savings towards other purposes (like supporting local charities, etc.) or if this shift has happened unintentionally. Thank you.

A: The Co-op is as committed to value and access as we’ve ever been. The cost of paying fair prices for quality food has risen considerably—but we’re still emphasizing both as a more affordable/sustainable option. -Lynn Olson, Cooperative Services Manager

Product suggestion

Q: Would you mind checking an item? I would love to see Spanish tortas added to the bread aisle. Tortas are a crispy, flat bread that has olive oil and sugar on top. Tortas are excellent snacks with tea, coffee, etc. If you can’t obtain this item, no problem. I’m still a fan of the co-op no matter what.

A: Thank you very much for the product suggestion! Unfortunately I was unable to find a supplier or producer of tortas. We’ll try to keep an open eye as this sounds like a great product addition! Thanks again! -Patrick Humiston, Grocery Buyer