This month marks the beginning of the Holiday Season!

The change of the season to cooler days and nights brings on the desire to open the recipe file and turn on the oven—baking, roasting, saucing—all ways to warm our homes and bellies. Nothing is more fun for my family and me than to spend time cooking or baking (and eating) in the kitchen.

The Co-op has seasonally revised the catering menu; holiday traditional and non-traditional fare is available from our Kitchen to your table. The Production Kitchen Bakery will offer an increased selection of product including savory prepared items (quiche, muffins, and breads), pies, pound cake, dessert breads, and holiday cookies.

Too busy to shop or cook?

Some of you may have already discovered the beauty that is Co-Shop, but in case you haven’t, we have a service you might want to take advantage of. To utilize Co-Shop, begin by checking with the Customer Service desk to be sure your email address is up-to-date on our membership database, and then you can go directly to the website, place an order on-line and we will shop and deliver it for you. Please review the Co-Shop website for other ways in which the Co-Shop program can make your life easier. (

Expansion efforts

Conversations with the Metropolitan Place II (MPII) Receiver, Michael Polsky, have proceeded s-l-o-w-l-y as can be expected given the circumstances.

While we wait (patiently) to hear from the Receiver, the Opportunities Committee is fully engaged in conversation about growth and expansion options for the Co-op. Additional opportunities will present themselves given the current economic times-some businesses canceling new construction or delays in new store openings is a sign of the times, but could create more opportunities for us.

In the last month, four different sites have been presented as options for the Co-op to consider as a second retail site. It remains a valuable exercise to review any option along with MPII.

The staff and management continue to develop a plan for opening a second retail store based on our experiences as well as best practices recognized from other co-ops around the country in order to be prepared for the eventual likelihood. Look for increased opportunities for owner input in the coming months as our search and progress continues.

The Co-op is a strong retail operation—and while the world may be suffering from an economic downfall, we are continuing to be supported by our owners. However, we are looking to the future and how best to sustain the Cooperative through these times.

Managing the policies of the Cooperative is an ongoing task and with the recent bylaw changes, we’ve used this opportunity to review many of our policies and operation practices to be certain we are still in alignment with those governing principles.