Write Us!
We welcome your comments and give each one attention and serious consideration. Send them to or fill out a Customer Comment form in the Owner Resources area. Each month a small selection is printed in the Reader. The rest can be found in the commons or in the binder near Customer Service. Thank you!

Day-old pastry

Q: I don’t know what your policy is on day-old pastry... Do you set it out in the A.M. along with the “day of” pastry to make it available to customers in the early morning or do you set it out after the “pricier” ones have sold? The point is sometimes it’s available and sometimes it’s not. During these hard economic times it would be nice to make it just as available to us as the more “expensive” ones.

A: Thanks for writing. Ideally we have no day-old bakery. That’s my policy. If we do, it goes out after 4:00pm the following day. -Dan Moore, Prepared Foods Manager

Cheers for cheese

Q: I really like the cheese section. 1. Lots of cheese for the amount of shelf available. 2. Kept tidy! 3. Sorted by type (not brand!). Kudos!

A: Thank you. It’s our pride and joy. -Dan Moore, Prepared Foods Manager

77 Square

Q: I appreciate the effort that was made to facilitate the delivery of the “Cap Times” on Wednesdays. I’m wondering if “77 Square” could also be made available. Thanks for your efforts. Love “Willy Street.”

A: I called them right away and the papers will be delivered tomorrow! -Lynn Olson, Cooperative Services Manager

Card selection

Q: Please bring back Mara’s cards. I used to come here just for them all the time. It’s good woman-power art!

A: Hi. I’m sorry to disappoint you but at this time we’ve decided to have a rack of cards that are locally made. We have so many talented artists in our community that it is difficult to choose between them. I looked at Maya Friedman’s website and found out that her cards are available at the Shakti Bookshop on State Street. -Lisa Stag-Tout, Wellness Manager

No left turn

Q: When exiting the lot many drivers ignore the “No Left Turn 7:30am-9:30am and 4:30pm–7:00pm.” If people want easy access with cars, they should obey the sign. I do.

A: Thank you for your reminder of the “no left turn” request. Our Maintenance Coordinator moved the sign at the bike racks closer to the curb near the exit. Hopefully that will improve visibility, which may in turn improve compliance. -Wynston Estis, Assistant Store Manager–Operations

Thanks for the bike rack

Q: A big “thumbs up” for the additional bicycle rack! Thanks!

A: So glad you’re excited about it! Enjoy all of fall and maybe into winter if we don’t get dumped on again this year like last. -Wynston Estis, Assistant Store Manager–Operations

Asphalt stinks

Q: So much for thinking green and thinking about special needs shoppers! Your (sic) putting a damper on summer outside seating asphalting the park lot so early. Some of us are chemically sensitive or have asthma or allergies. I would have done at end of Oct at least. This is a big drag. Asphalt is toxic and stinks!

A: I’m sorry you are so upset. We pushed this repair as late as we could; the approved materials for patching and pouring need above 50-degree weather to cure properly. This type of work can more negatively impact people that have chemical sensitivities. We took care to inform the membership that the work was scheduled through our newsletter in the General Manager’s Report, signage in the store near the registers and on our website. We did our best to plan the repair during a time of year that would be as convenient to our customers and neighbors as possible; seems like no time is a good time for this important work to get done. -Wynston Estis, Assistant Store Manager–Operations

More plastic please

Q: What is so hard about stocking plastic soup spoons? I haven’t seen one in over a month. Eating soup with a teaspoon is a drag.

A: Thanks for writing. We stock spoons for use for all Deli products, the majority of which are not soup. I don’t plan to bring another plastic item in to the Deli at this time. -Dan Moore, Prepared Foods Manager

Thanks for the cookies

Q: I am so happy you are again offering the thumbprint oat cookies-vegan and maple syrup sweetened. We can actually eat these! Thanks for bringing these back!

A: Thanks for writing. This was pretty overdue. I’ve missed them too! -Dan Moore, Prepared Food Manager

Product suggestions

Q: Fair trade chocolate chips in bulk please. Blue Farm blue corn chips at a better shelf placement (organic and local). More bulk fair trade rice varieties. Larger selection of poultry.

A: We have had quality issues with the fair trade chocolate chips available to us. Hopefully we can find a better product in the future. Unfortunately with the rice shortages, our selection of bulk fair trade rice has suffered. We do still carry the Alter Eco rice in packaged. Regarding the poultry question, please be mores specific to better facilitate our approach to the suggestion. -Grocery Department

Better butters

Q: Are there any suppliers of local butter? (More local than Organic Valley.) I would love local butter and milk. Can you carry sunflower seed butter (sunbutter) that does not have cane sugar in it? Thanks!

A: We have Westby butter from Westby, WI, which is local, and 142 miles from Madison. We also have sunflower butter from Futter’s Nut Butters, which is in the bulk aisle fridge. It is free of sugar also. Thanks. -Matt Hofstede, Grocery Department

Large-sized lemon yogurts

Q: Could you stock larger containers of organic lemon yogurt? (Not just single size portions.) I would continue to love you forever.

A: We currently have Brown Cow non-fat yogurt in a 32-oz. cup. It’s not organic but I am not familiar with any big organic lemon cups. Please let me know if you have any specific brand(s) in mind. Thanks. -Matt Hofstede, Grocery Department.

Changing sizes

Q: Your Oatscream is so good! But the singles now look like tinky-tiny baby cones and the doubles look like a smallish single. What gives?

A: Thanks for writing. What happened was that in the past we had a problem of greatly overfilling cones. Our 2-oz kids cone was usually 4-oz and so on up the line. Basically, we trained staff to be more careful in following guidelines. -Dan Moore, Prepared Foods Manager

Made without gluten

Q: I’m quite certain your maple fruit and nut bars are not gluten-free. (Oat bran and spelt flour aren’t necessarily GF). It might be deceiving to haven them in the “GF Bakery” section.

A: Thanks for the heads up. These are not gluten-free and should not have been stocked in that section. I’ll check in with staff. For the record, we label all our products made without gluten on the product label. If you don’t see it there, it isn’t made without gluten. -Dan Moore, Prepared Foods Manager

Frozen yogurt

Q: You have been frequently running out of Stonyfield Farm minty chocolate chip frozen yogurt. Similar Stonyfield frozen yogurts do not run out; just this one. Can supply be coordinated with supplier to keep pace with demand?

A: I apologize for the recent out of stock. It can be tricky at times managing all the varieties. We’ll try to keep better stock of this product in the future. Thank you for the comment. -Patrick Humiston, Dairy Buyer

Incensed herbs

Q: I would really like to see the charcoal for burning incensed herbs back in the store. Thank you.

A: So would we! The company that we get these from discontinued one brand is now out-of-stock of the other brand. We are awaiting a delivery this week and hopefully we’ll have it waiting for you by the time you read this. Thanks! -Lisa Stag-Tout, Wellness Manager