Write Us!
We welcome your comments and give each one attention and serious consideration. Send them to or fill out a Customer Comment form in the Owner Resources area. Each month a small selection is printed in the Reader. The rest can be found in the commons or in the binder near Customer Service. Thank you!

Willy the Greek

Q: I’d like to see Willy the Greek in the deli more often. Is that possible? (My father and I come here to shop every Sat.)

A: Thanks for writing. We take this off the menu once the weather gets cold. For some reason it is the one pasta with the biggest drop-off in sales. I can bring it back for a trial run though. Thanks. -Dan Moore, Prepared Foods Manager

Local milk

Q: Can you please look into Sassy Cow Creamery (local to WI) for milk? I’ve noticed it elsewhere and it tends to be cheaper than Organic Valley or the glass bottles. Thanks!

A: Thanks for the suggestion. We are currently planning a reset of our dairy section and hope to bring in at least one if not two new local selections. I’m personally very excited about the prospects of Sassy Cow both from growing up in that area and with their competitive pricing. So stay tuned for upcoming changes and new products and thank you for your suggestion! -Patrick Humiston, Dairy Buyer

Kind, honest customers

Q: Today somehow I scooted off—without my purse—and you had it because some kind, honest customer brought it in from the courtyard. That is what we have come to expect—not only from you, but from the customers as well. So thank you all for having these traits.

A: It is truly amazing, isn’t it? -Lynn Olson, Cooperative Services Manager

Yogurt suggestion

Q: First off, what a terrific place! I am a student of UW and bike two to three miles for you and am so pleased with the W.S. Co-op’s existence and service. Second, can you guys look into carrying Cultural Revolution Yogurt? It’s local—from Iowa—and the vanilla flavor in particular is like nothing you’ve ever dreamed of. Third can you look into “Really Raw Honey?” A friend passed it on to me, and as far as I know it’s only available online. Thanks loads!

A: Thank you very much for the suggestion and glowing review of our store. As for the product suggestions: the Cultural Revolution Yogurt looks and sounds great. However, at this time space is a huge issue and we currently do not have plans to bring a new yogurt line in. We will keep the suggestion in mind for the future however! I would recommend trying Sugar River Yogurt if you have not already. It tastes great and is super local. Really Raw Honey looks great. We will definitely keep this in mind for the future. I think you’d find our Ames Farm brand raw honey to be quite comparable. Thanks again! -Patrick Humiston, Dairy Buyer


Q: What can we do about the shortage of Kerrie Lentz in the store? Often times that I’m here, she’s “out of stock.” There must be a more dependable supplier somewhere!

A: Thank you for your suggestion—Kerrie Lentz actually isn’t out of stock, but her location has changed to the basement offices, where we keep our employee-only supplies. We hope you’ll enjoy our many varieties of customer service located at the Customer Service desk, including Lindsey Hardy, Tiffany Gaumond and Valerie Secaur.

Glutino bread

Q: Please order Glutino corn and fiber gluten-free bread. Once you sell these, you can get rid of all the rest of your gluten-free breads because the Glutino breads are SO MUCH BETTER!

A: Good news! Look for these in the freezer section near pizza! -Alex Risch, Assistant Grocery Manager

Bulk Kickapoo

Q: The Kickapoo Coffee is roasted locally and is an excellent product. Please offer it in bulk—why was it put on the bottom shelf? Equal Exchange does not need a monopoly.

A: The Kickapoo Coffee has been moved so that it has a more prominent spot in the coffee section. We will consider selling it in bulk when more space becomes available. -Jesse Jensen, Grocery Coordinator

Dairy-free chocolate chips

Q: Help!!! You stopped carrying Tropical Source chocolate chips—the co-op was the only store that had these yummy dairy-free chocolate chips. (I have dairy allergies.) Please bring them back.

A: Great suggestion! Look for these in October—just in time for baking season. (They are in aisle 4). -Alex Risch, Assistant Grocery Manager

More Sweet & Sara

Q: Can you please please please carry more Sweet & Sara products? The best marshmallows in the world!

A: Thank you for the product suggestion. I’m happy to announce that we do have plans on bringing in more of Sweet & Sara’s products. Keep your eyes peeled and look for them in the near future. Thanks again! -Patrick Humiston, Dairy Buyer

Parking woes

Q: Every time I come here there seems to be no place to park. Either I come when it is too busy or I come when there would be parking but it is blocked off for resurfacing or today a semi is blocking off most parking with a guy waving you out. It is getting very frustrating to even get to the store.

A: Sorry to inconvenience you. We are done with sealing the lot until this spring. The late deliveries are a nuisance to everyone, us too. We are working with our vendors to arrange more suitable times for them to deliver. Our policy is semis have to be done by 8:00am and straight trucks done by 2:00pm. We will be enforcing our policy in the future. -Wynston Estis, Store Manager-Operations