The days are long, the sun is hot and I have Oatscreme on the brain... it must be summer, with the time for the Willy Street Co-op’s Board elections fast approaching! Five seats will be open during this election cycle. Of those five, three seats are three-year terms, one seat is a two-year term, and one seat will be filled for a single year.

Why might someone (perhaps even you?) run for the Co-op’s Board of Directors? Well, the Co-op’s Board helps set the long-term vision and goals for the entire organization. If elected, you’ll be able to help a progressive organization grow and flourish. You’ll learn a great deal about how the Board works to lead the Cooperative (through policy governance) and have the opportunity to focus on long-range, big-picture items. You’ll work with talented and energetic folks (Board colleagues and staff) and be able to make a solid contribution to the Willy Street Co-op community.

The nomination process is officially underway! This year the Board’s Nominations Committee opted to pose four questions to all of the candidates:

  1. What needed skills or abilities will you bring to the Board of Directors in any of the following areas: finance, communications, short/long term planning, or cooperatives? Be specific.
  2. What leadership positions have you held and what have you accomplished in those positions?
  3. Please describe your experience with and approach to group decision-making processes. What do you think makes for good group process and what are some of the challenges?
  4. What do you think are the major issues the Co-op’s Board needs to address over the next five years? How will you use your skills to contribute to addressing the above issues?

Each nominee will need to submit their answers to these four questions in 475 words or less (total, not per question!) along with a high-resolution digital or scannable photograph by July 9th, 2009. (Note: responses that exceed 475 words total will have the last sentence(s) deleted to keep it at or under this length.) All of the candidates’ answers and photographs will be printed in the Reader for all Co-op Owners to review. All candidates should also plan on attending the Annual Meeting and Party on July 9th, and be prepared to make a brief statement and answer Owner questions. Elections are then held from August 1st until August 19th, when the Board will hold their special membership meeting to receive a tally of the votes.

Our goal is to have many nominations in order to allow Owners more choice in shaping their Board. We strive for contested elections!

If you or someone you know is interested in running for the Board of Directors, please contact me, Stephanie Ricketts () for a Nomination’s Packet. I will provide you with all of the information you need to run as a candidate in the upcoming elections. Again, the last day for submitting nomination materials (including answers to the questions above) is July 9th, 2009, at the end of the Annual Meeting and Party.