Board Election Results

The good news is that the number of candidates drew out an increase in ballots cast in this year’s Board election over last year. Owner involvement is one of the ways that we gauge interest in what is going on at the Co-op, and this voter turnout is a positive sign that our Owners are engaged and want to be involved. The introduction of online voting this year enjoyed a good reception and gave us roughly half the total ballots that were cast.

BigPulse (founded in January, 2000) is the company we chose as our online voting partner. They comply with the privacy principles of the US and EU Safe Harbor framework as outlined by the US Department of Commerce. The next Owner online vote will likely be easier with Owner email addresses being more up to date. 8,800 emails were sent to Owners at their last known email addresses, and 1,800 delivery failures resulted—please help us keep this database up to date—if you did not get an email yours may be among those undeliverable addresses.

  • Total ballots cast: 1,149
  • Invalid ballots: 85
  • Valid ballots: 1,064

A ballot is invalid when no name or membership number is included, too many votes were cast, there is a lack of activity (have not shopped for more than 12 months), an equity payment is due, or it is a second ballot cast by a membership.

And, for the Owner who sent their MG&E bill and check, we did forward payment.

In order of most votes cast to least votes cast for each candidate:

  • Deb Shapiro: 569
  • George Hofheimer: 515
  • Rick Bernstein: 453
  • Mike Engel: 369
  • Emily McWilliams: 363
  • Tiffany Gaumond: 336
  • Carl Durocher: 328
  • Dave Grace: 324
  • Fae Dremock: 314
  • Suzanne Gaulocher: 302
  • Tom Christensen: 259
  • John McNamara: 236
  • Kevin Geary: 126

The newly elected Board will be seated at the September Board meeting (September 28th), but their official Board orientation is scheduled for the first week of September. The new composition of the Board is an opportunity to collaborate with a whole new set of views and opinions from individuals chosen by our Owners who have been entrusted to represent the best interest of the cooperative. I look forward to this infusion of enthusiasm each year at this time. Thank you to everyone for your willingness to participate in the cooperative decision-making process. I wholeheartedly welcome those who are returning and those new to the Board.

We’d also like to welcome all the incoming students and faculty, and look forward to our annual influx of new Owners that routinely boost the membership each year at this time.

Second retail site

Work continues to progress in our pursuit of a second retail site—as always when there is news to report, review the website and internal postings for the latest... and, if we have your email address, we could email as soon as news becomes available. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

If you see activity on the Jenny Street side of the building, we are planning some improvements for the exterior or façade, including some trellis construction, painting, and tree trimming. The huge silver maple in the back yard is sadly experiencing signs of old age. An arborist will be examining the silver maple in the coming weeks to determine how we can extend its life. I will keep you posted.