Happy Birthday... this year we celebrate 35 years of business...

In those 35 years, the Co-op has been located at five different addresses on Williamson Street; sharing space with Nature’s Bakery, renting what is now the Petinary, relocating to 1202 Williamson and expanding in 1985 to include Clyde’s, and finally in 1999 landing in the current site at 1221 Williamson Street. In 2005, the Co-op expanded operations to 1882 E. Main Street where the Production Kitchen and administrative offices are now located.

Sales have grown to over $18 million with an Owner base of 16,000. Last year Owner equity topped $1 million. All this grew from the small buying club started in 1973 (the store opened in 1974) and the hard work of our founding Owners. Thank you to all Owners past and present that have made us what we are today.

In addition to celebrating our birthday this month—October is also Co-op month. Owners can expect more than the usual number of promotions during Owner Appreciation Weekend—October 16–18! Come eat birthday cake and taste a bunch of food samples throughout the store.

Street reconstruction

We are working under the assumption that the proposed street reconstruction on Williamson will begin in spring 2010. We recently met with City staff to gain a better understanding of the scope of the project, timing of the work, and ways we can mitigate the negative impact the project may have on business; for example managing delivery traffic into the lot will be a challenge but not impossible. Walking and biking to the Co-op is one way you can help us minimize stress and strain in the lot. And it may prove to be a good time for you to check out the Co-Shop program (shop.willystreet.coop)!

Silver Maple

The Silver Maple at the Jenifer Street side of the property has been deemed structurally unsound and beyond cure. The tree was inspected by three different arborists and each came to the same conclusion. The tree will be taken down by the middle of October. If you would like to review the full report (including the tomogram) from Allison Tree Care, please see the information packet in the Owner Resources Area in the front of the store. Trees
will be planted to replace this one.

Jenifer Street

Now a team of Co-op staffers is looking at ways to improve the aesthetics of the Jenifer Street side of the property. As I stated last month, if you see activity on the Jenny Street side of the building, we are planning some improvements for the exterior or façade, including some trellis construction, painting, and tree trimming.

Second retail site

Work is progressing in our pursuit of a second retail site—as always when there is news to report, we’ll report it. Review the website and in-store postings for the latest information.