I would like to tell you about a few of the newer products we have in the Wellness department.


The Erbaorganics line for mothers and babies is free of parabens, pesticides, SLS / SLES, artificial colorings and fragrances. Their ingredients are 75% to 99% certified organic and they use food-grade preservatives and organic anti-oxidants. We carry their Baby Body Wash, Shampoo, Lotion and Diaper Cream and Stretch Mark Cream for moms. Also, 15% of the proceeds from their baby wash and baby oil go to the World Wide Orphans Foundation.

Seaside Naturals ‘Little Star’

Another new product line for babies is Seaside Naturals ‘Little Star.’ This company is animal cruelty-free and has signed the Compact for Safe Cosmetics (safecosmetics.org). We carry their Baby Shampoo and Body Wash, Lotion, Powder and Cradle Cap Remedy. This company also makes pet and cleaning products and if there is enough interest, we will add more of their pet care products. At this time we carry the lavender pet bed spray only.

Simple Medicinals

This is a line of homeopathic combination remedies that come in spray bottles that provide a faster and possibly more effective method for administering the remedy. It’s also good for people who want to avoid fillers and binders in tablets. We are carrying only 10 of the 39 available remedies at this time: four remedies for pets—Parasites, Urinary Tract, Arthritis and Anti-Anxiety; two formulas for children—Super Immunity and Focus; four for adults—Arthritis, Healthy Weight, Anti-Anxiety and Super Immunity. The company has a wealth of information on their website and offers access to online discussion groups and a free email newsletter on homeopathic self-care as well. Remember that if there is a remedy that we don’t carry you can place a special order.


We have carried Dream Coat, which is a supplement that provides EFAs for healthy skin and coat, in the pet section of the Grocery department for a number of years. Now that we’ve created a pet supplement section in the Wellness department we have added three more products from the holistic pet care company, Halo: Vita Glo Hip & Joint Supplement (for dogs only) is helpful for dogs with mobility issues. Many owners come into the Wellness department asking us how to give glucosamine and chondroitin to their dogs. This product is balanced with other nutrients like flax, kelp and beet powder. The Cloud Nine Herbal Healing Salve helps to heal cuts and abrasions and the Cloud Nine Herbal Ear Wash eliminates earwax and helps to prevent infections. The company is enjoying new popularity now that Ellen Degeneres has become part-owner. They are also involved in numerous campaigns for animal well being such as the National Canine Cancer Foundation, Freekibble (freekibble.com) and the Pet Adoption League to name a few. Find out more at halopets.com.


Sprunk-Jenssen is a company on a mission “to put herbal traditions back on the global map where they belong—to work alongside modern medicine in harmony with it.” The Danish company entered the US market in 2008 with eight products that are based in Greek-Arabic medicinal tradition. “The discoveries and product formulations are peaceful collaborations between Arab and Jewish scientists and herbal experts, combining years of modern research with thousands of years of traditional knowledge and usage.” Masculine and Feminine are formulas to “spice up your love life” using Asafoetida (Ferula assafoetida), a pungent, foul smelling herb native to Iran, as the main ingredient. The three other supplements are unique formulas indeed—WeighLevel contains lady’s mantle and cumin seed; Glucose Level contains salt bush and nettles; and Cholesterol Level contains olive leaf and loquat. Several people, including myself, have tried their topical acne formula, Spotless, which contains soap wort and inula leaves, with good results. Their website has detailed information about all of these formulas: sprunk-jansen.com/us/home.

Nutivas Naturals

Nutivas Naturals is a certified organic, green business based in California. Their mission is “to provide premium organic functional foods that increase energy and enhance health.” The product line includes quite a few unique products. We will have their Gelatinized Maca which is concentrated because the starch is removed, and Twister Power Sprouted Omega Blend which includes sprouted rice, flax and chia. You’ll see products like Golden Berries, Yacon and Cacao on Grocery department shelves as well.


Tera’sWhey, the most exciting new product line in my opinion, is doubly local—based in Viroqua and the whey plant situated in Reedsburg. By the time you read this we will have three whey protein powders that are rBGH free: Bourbon Vanilla, Fair Trade Dark Chocolate and Yumberry. She is excited to sample these products at our store during our Owner Appreciation event.
There is so much to know about Tera and the companies that she has started. I’m sure we’ll have a producer profile with all the details coming up soon. For now here are a few interesting facts:

  • The whey comes from small specialty and artisan cheese makers who in turn source their milk from local family farms.
  • They give 7% of their profits to organizations that are working to improve children’s nutrition throughout the world.
  • Wisconsin Specialty Protein is the country’s first LEED certified dairy manufacturing facility.

Please go to the web site: teraswhey.com and then on to teranuvo.blogspot.com to read her very interesting blog posts.