Write Us!
We welcome your comments and give each one attention and serious consideration. Send them to or fill out a Customer Comment form in the Owner Resources area. Each month a small selection is printed in the Reader. The rest can be found in the commons or in the binder near Customer Service. Thank you!

Nothin’ but love
Q: I love it here! Thank you Willy St. Coop! November, being the end of harvest and celebration of Thanksgiving is a good reminder for one to say THANKS. We truly enjoy abundance here everyday. So it is a wonderment there are any complaints and new wants here. I’ve been overwhelmed shopping here since the 1st store! So, thanks for being in our neighborhood and Yes! I’d like to CHIP and I am happy to ask every time!

A: Thank you so much for the kind words! We’re very thankful for our local suppliers who are able to keep our shelves stocked with local products throughout the year. And of course we’re thankful for all of our Owners who support the store and the local farms. We appreciate the positive feedback and the reminder to be thankful and vocalize our thanks! -Liz Hawley, Cooperative Services Assistant

Kelly is awesome
Q: Kelly at the register is awesome! He was super friendly and interested in my day. Then when I forgot one of my grocery bags, he ran after me and called me by name. He should get a trillion high fives!

A: Thanks for writing! We also think Kelly is awesome and I will make sure to pass your kind words along to him. Thanks again! -Jesse Thurber, Assistant Front End Manager

On the surface
Q: Would it be possible to keep surfaces that customers need to put food on more free of flour and other spills? Tonight there was a lot of flour or other white powder in the bulk area where tags/wraps and pencils are kept and on a checkout belt. I and many others cannot eat wheat, oats, rye and barley, i.e., foods with gluten. I do not want to contaminate my food with spilled flour. I know it’s impossible to have completely clean surfaces, but please try to keep surfaces cleaner. Checkout people could clean up after spills more. It would be appreciated.

A: Thanks for writing and sharing your concerns. We strive to keep our checkout counters clean and free of debris or residue that products may leave behind and equip each register with a clean towel and bottle of diluted CitraSolv cleaner. While cashiers are expected to clean their stations after every few transactions, it can be a challenge, at times, to quickly do this between one transaction and the next, especially when it is busy and time is of the essence. We understand that many of our Owners have food allergies and try to be as mindful as possible of this fact. Going forward, we will readdress this issue with our staff at our next team meeting to ensure we are keeping our registers as clean as possible. If you should notice any spills or debris that we may have overlooked, please don’t hesitate to bring it to the attention of staff so that we can take care of it in a timely manner. Thanks again! -Jesse Thurber, Assistant Front End Manager

Clean-up time
Q: Thanks so much for providing a play area for our little ones. My son loves it and we often extend our shopping trips with a snack and play time in the co-op. As both a parent and teacher of young children I’m surprised to see many kids leave with their parents neglecting to clean up the toys and books they were playing with. Can we all try to do a better job at helping leave this area clean for everyone? Also, how about some sanitizing wipes to clean off toys that have been slobbered/sneezed on?

A: Thank you for this opportunity to remind those using this common area to cooperate and pick up after themselves. Please leave the area in excellent condition for others to enjoy. We’re very happy to provide a play area for the little ones! We’ll keep some sanitizing wipes for your convenience as well. Thanks again for your comment! -Liz Hawley, Cooperative Services Assistant

Q: I love oatscreme! You need to get it back! I absolutely love it! It’s the best! Please, please get oatscreme back! I would love it so much if oatscreme came back!!

A: Oatscreme has been discontinued by our distributor, UNFI. Unfortunately, the makers of Oatscreme, American Oats, do not do direct wholesale distribution. Therefore, we are unable to order it. Our hearts go out to you. Oatscreme is a very popular thing around here. We are currently searching for both a vegan and a non-vegan soft serve, but to no avail. We will keep customers posted with any updates. Thank you. -Lori Wilken, Juice Bar Coordinator

Vegetarian Thanksgiving
Q: They didn’t have a vegetarian main course on Thanksgiving Day, so I didn’t eat here. They had TWO turkey main courses instead (11:30am).

A: We featured a traditional Thanksgiving meal in our hot case this year—turkey (dark and white meat), mashed potatoes, vegetarian stuffing, vegetarian gravy and roasted green beans. I’m sorry that none of the vegetarian dishes whetted your appetite. I hope you had a wonderful holiday! -Megan Blodgett, Deli Manager

More local
Q: More local produce PLEASE for the love of god!

A: Our current local selection of root vegetables, onions, potatoes, sprouts, microgreens, winter squash, pears and apples is all that we are able to source locally at this time of year! -Andy Johnston, Produce Manager

Parking lot painting
Q: Hi! Time to repaint your/our pedestrian crossing stripes in the parking lot. Too late yet this year, or not?

A: We will not be able to get a service lined up to do this work this year before the temperature is too low for painting. But, we are planning on redoing our lot entirely in the spring and will be re-marking the pedestrian crossing after the new surface is installed. Thanks for your suggestion. -Wynston Estis, Assistant Store Manager—Operations

New labels
Q: Please consider relabeling the parking stalls reserved for the “differently abled” as handicapped or disabled. It is offensive/patronizing to some of those who have fought to work around and overcome disabilities to refer to them as “differently abled,” because it minimized the handicaps they have had to overcome.

A: The differently abled stalls cannot legally become official handicapped stalls because they’re too small—differently abled (in this case) means and is intended for anyone needing it who may be pregnant, have a broken leg, etc. -Lynn Olson, Cooperative Services Manager

Baked fattening goods
Q: What is going on with your overabundance of baked fattening goods? This is supposed to be a healthy store. Willy St. Coop has WAY too many cookies, cakes, pies, etc. What gives?

A: Thanks for your comment! All of our house-made bakery contains organic flour, other organic ingredients and is made without artificial flavorings, coloring or preservatives. We believe that it provides a better alternative to many other baked goods in the market, and many of our Owners agree. For those not looking for sweet baked goods, we offer a plethora of other “healthy” products throughout the store. If there’s something you’re looking for that we don’t make or carry, let us know. Thanks! -Megan Blodgett, Deli Manager

Just one crumb
Q: Gluten Free: How much wheat is too much for a GF person? 1 crumb.
When baking: separate utensils? Separate area? Separate kitchen?
If you are baking GF when you also do nut-free, i.e., after all wheat baking is done; the air is full of wheat particles and items cannot be called GF. Baking should be 1st of day with separate utensils.

A: Thank you for your ideas! We are aware of the dangers posed by cross contamination in our facility. That is why we chose to label our products as “made without gluten” rather than “gluten-free.” Though they are made with non-gluten ingredients, they are made on equipment which also processes gluten-containing products. While it would be nice to have separate equipment and utensils, it would not be practical. We produce a number of different restricted-diet products and it would be prohibitively expensive and difficult to have separate equipment for them all. Thanks. -Andrew Giamber, Bakery Coordinator