It’s finally happened—the sandwich menu, which had remained unchanged for years, has gotten a facelift!

When our new Assistant Deli Manager Heather came on board this summer, I assigned her the task of revamping the sandwich menu. It was a big job—changing such a long-standing menu isn’t easy. We didn’t want to eliminate anyone’s favorite sandwich, but we also knew it was high time for some new selections; so we kept many of our old standbys while adding some brand new sandwiches and wraps to the menu.

My top priorities for this new menu (beyond the imperative that all the new sandwiches taste awesome) were to incorporate more local ingredients, offer some new seasonally appropriate sandwiches, and create a sandwich menu that provides a good value to our customers.

Deciding on the menu was just the beginning of the process. Heather spent many hours sourcing ingredients, writing recipes, training staff, and pricing the new sandwiches accurately and affordably. I’m happy to report that she did an excellent job on all counts! Here’s a quick rundown of the new menu:

Sweet and Spiced $2.99
This seasonal sandwich may sound a little odd, but it’s one of our favorites. Almond butter is paired with roasted organic acorn squash, honey, and just a hint of cinnamon.

Fill in the Blank-wich $5.99
As the name implies, this sandwich is what you make of it. You get your choice of any of our deli meats (organic turkey or roast beef adds $1 to the price) and cheeses, or chicken or tuna salad, eggless tofu salad, or BBQ seitan. It comes with mustard, mayo (or veganaise), organic lettuce and tomato on your choice of bread.

Willy Street Hummus Pita $3.99
This is one that stayed on the menu by popular demand. Our original hummus, roasted red peppers, Troy Garden’s sprouts, and organic red onions, all on a Nature’s Bakery pita.

Rhythm of the Beet $3.99
Here’s another seasonal sandwich that’s truly delicious and has proved to be a customer favorite. Roasted organic beets, Montchevre cheese, and steamed organic kale, drizzled with apple cider vinaigrette on your choice of bread.

Sesame Shiitake Wrap $6.99
We’ve added a few wraps to the menu, using the best trans-fat-free tortillas we could find. This one features our popular sesame tofu, steamed organic kale and roasted local shiitake mushrooms, and is drizzled with ginger vinaigrette.

Turkey Willy Wrap $4.99
This wrap is based on the popular Willy’s Wrap platter that we make in our catering department. Thumman’s all natural hickory smoked turkey, our herb cream cheese, and organic lettuce and tomato all wrapped up in a tasty trans-fat-free tortilla.

Willy Street Reuben $4.99
This one is my personal favorite! Sauerkraut, local Swiss cheese, Thumman’s all natural corned beef, and our house-made chipotle mayonnaise on Wild Flour Bakery caraway rye bread. If you like Reubens, this one will definitely have you coming back for more!

Curious George $1.99
We just couldn’t get rid of this perennially popular sandwich—remember, it’s not just for the kids! It’s also our least expensive sandwich and provides the most affordable and satisfying lunch around. Peanut butter, banana and honey, what could be better? The new menu adds the option of almond butter for 50¢ extra.

Classic Peanut Butter and Jelly $3.99
If the Curious George is a little far out for you (or your toddler), we’ve added this age-old classic to the menu. Of course, both the peanut butter and the grape jelly are organic!

Pastrami on Rye $3.99
Simple, classic and oh-so-good. Thumman’s all natural pastrami and Dijon mustard on local Wild Flour Bakery caraway rye.

Veggie Sandwich $4.99
Another old standby that we just had to keep: organic cucumbers, roasted red peppers, sprouts from Troy Gardens, organic lettuce, organic tomato, and organic onion, mayo, and Dijon mustard on your choice of bread.

Tasty Tofu $4.99
In most respects this sandwich stayed the same: we kept the marinated baked tofu, the organic sprouts from Troy Gardens, and the roasted red peppers, but we dressed it up with a drizzle of our house made red wine vinaigrette.

Muffaleta $5.99
Last but not least, the Willy Street Muffaleta! Applegate Farms all natural salami and maple ham with local provolone, house-made kalamata tapenade, drizzled with our red wine vinaigrette. Yum!

Hungry yet?
For bread choices, we’re offering sourdough and caraway rye from Wild Flour Bakery in Milwaukee, six-grain and whole wheat from Nature’s Bakery, Glutino gluten-free fiber bread, or a Tribeca Ovens French baguette. For an extra dollar, you can get a Nature’s Bakery pita or a trans-fat-free tortilla.

We’re also offering all sandwiches in half sizes, and you can substitute organic turkey or roast beef for an extra $1.

All of these new sandwiches are available heated, but for now we’re limited on grill space, so expect a 10-minute wait for hot sandwiches. That may seem like a long time, but I promise, it’s worth the wait!

The best part about a seasonal menu like this is that some of the sandwiches will change with the weather! We’re already starting to dream up new yummy spring and summer-time sandwiches to take the place of seasonal selections like the Sweet and Spiced and Rhythm of the Beet. If you have any suggestions, please let us know!

Cheese Corner

Right before Christmas we had the great privilege of carrying a very special 15-year aged Cheddar from Tony and Julie Hook in Mineral Point. There was plenty of buzz about it in the press, and we weren’t entirely sure whether or not we’d luck out and get some. We did, and it’s gone—and we’re very sorry there wasn’t more to sell. There is a rumor that another batch may be available in a month or two. If that is the case, we’ll try our hardest to get it back for all of you who missed out the first time.

Marieke Gouda
But not all cheeses have to be aged as long as 15 years to develop rich, complex, sensational flavor. Our newest addition to the case is a good example of this. Holland’s Family Farms Marieke aged raw milk Gouda, made in Thorp, Wisconsin is an unforgettably full-flavored cheese at a fairly reasonable price. It is sharp, nutty, a little sweet—absolutely delicious. One of our favorite Wisconsin cheeses. We’ll hopefully be bringing several more varieties of their Goudas in soon.

We were very proud to see that Saveur magazine chose Wisconsin to be #91 for its outstanding variety of high-quality food products in the annual “Saveur 100” January issue. Limberger, which we carry and have carried for many years, from our friends at Chalet Cheese Cooperative in Monroe, Wisconsin, was featured prominently. Perhaps it’s time for those of you who find Limberger—or any of our wonderful washed-rind cheeses—a little intimidating to discover their unique pleasures. Try not to judge a book by its cover—the joy of a washed-rind cheese lies within the rich, unctuous paste hidden beneath that robust rind. Washed-rind cheeses are particularly excellent additions to hearty winter fare. They go great with sauerkraut, roasted seasonal vegetables, crusty breads and yeasty ales. Make a new friend, try some Limberger.