The lot and parking
When we moved to our current store and went from four parking stalls to 42, it seemed inconceivable at the time that we’d be struggling with this issue, but over the past 10 years we’ve received dozen of com(plaints)ments from Owners, frustrated by congestion in the parking lot. Some of the ways we’ve addressed this issue have been: re-striping the lot with directional arrows to steer the stream of traffic, reserved a turn-around space at the end of the lot adjacent to the fire station, ticketing cars over the time limit, installed more bike parking and introduced Co-Shop, a delivery service. But the real work to resolve congestion in the parking lot has been to open a second retail store, because the truth is, we are landlocked. We have approached other businesses about sharing their lot space for over-flow parking but were recently informed by the City that this is not allowed. While we continue to work on solutions from our end, we would like to suggest one way for drivers to limit their frustrations by utilizing the Co-Shop delivery service or, if that’s not an option, the “we shop/you pick up” option would have your groceries bagged up and ready for quick purchase. Or, check out this handy guide on our website ( that outlines some of the busiest or least congested times of the day/week to shop.

In coming days, watch for in-store signage and check the website to find out what is happening with the second retail site. There will be a 15-day period during which we will share information and gather suggestions. Plans will not be finalized until the end of that 15-day period.

Few subjects in our Co-op’s history have generated as much input as the recent request for feedback on the non-Owner surcharge and whether or not to continue the practice of charging non-Owners an additional 10% at the registers. The committee (patronage refund/non-Owner surcharge) began its work October 2008 to review the Co-op’s option to issue patronage refunds and the surcharge. The first part of the committee’s agenda was accomplished in June 2009 when the Board accepted their recommendation to allow distribution of patronage refunds if/when the Co-op has a profitable year. The second subject, surcharge, has at this point provided a range of perspectives, and the input has been a valuable reminder that people really do value their Co-op, and we in turn value Owner involvement. Thank you to those who sent us their opinions; this work is expected to culminate with the committee’s final recommendation to the Board in early spring.

POS (Point of Sale) Reminder
On Sunday, March 14th the store will close at 7:30pm to facilitate the work being done to install the new register system; we will be opening at the usual time the following morning.

Spring break
March 29th is the start of spring break; back to school on Monday, April 5th.