Write Us!
We welcome your comments and give each one attention and serious consideration. Send them to or fill out a Customer Comment form in the Owner Resources area. Each month a small selection is printed in the Reader. The rest can be found in the commons or in the binder near Customer Service. Thank you!

Movie night
Q: We just attended movie night here. Feature was “The Garden.” We would like to suggest 2 other movies: 1. “The Singing Revolution” about the history of Estonia independence from the USSR. 2. “Farm for the Future” about a small farm in Devon UK vs. Peak Oil.

A: Thanks for your suggestion. Your input really helps shape the film series. In general, our showings have been documentary films focusing on sustainability themes. However, if there were popular support for expanding themes to cover other global issues, we would certainly consider adding recommended titles. The Winter Film Series is a partnership with Four Star Video Heaven and wrapped up on Saturday, March 6th with “Soylent Green.” Our next team-up will be the Outdoor Film Series in our courtyard in late summer. -Jack Kear, Events Coordinator

Parking woes
Q: The parking lot is too small!!! Add a ramp or allow
parking on the roof! This is ridiculous!!!

A: Although I’d love to say we could make your suggestion happen, it’s not in the Co-op’s plans at this time. Building a second retail site (anticipated to slightly decrease traffic at Willy East) and offering grocery delivery are some ways we’re working on the parking issue. We also post a schedule of less congested times. Check www.willystreet.coop/Departments. -Wynston Estis, Assistant Manager—Operations

Cakes vs. cupcakes
Q: Thank you for your vegan dessert offerings! Please bring back the vegan chocolate cake in slices (“squares”). The cupcake form is less great and not as easy to share.

A: Thanks for the comment! We switched to cupcakes because we were having trouble selling the minimum order of cake pieces before their expiration. The cupcakes sell faster, plus we’re able to make smaller batches, so we end up losing a lot less. The cupcakes use the exact same recipes as the cakes did. If you’d like us to cut on in half so it’s easier to share, we’d be glad to! Thanks! -Megan Blodgett, Deli Manager

Beautiful produce
Q: I am a new member and just wanted you to know how much I enjoy the beautiful produce here. Thank you for all your hard work!

A: Thanks for the positive feedback! I’ll pass it on to staff. -Andy Johnston, Produce Manager

Q: I would like to know if a rumor I heard is true. Are the Co-op members going to vote on whether the 10% non-owner surcharge policy will be kept by our Co-op? The rumor is that the board would make this decision rather than the owner members. As a member, could you please publicize whether/when such a vote would take place. We love the Co-op. P.S. Please bring this to the attention of the “top financial participants.” Thank you.

A: Sorry to hear you heard our news as a “rumor.” We’ve been very upfront. It’s been in every issue of the Reader for several months running, usually mentioned in the GM or Board Reports and Notices, as well as a dedicated article explaining it: http://www.willystreet.coop/article/5289 in explaining that we were seeking Owner feedback to inform the Board who will, indeed, be making the decision. Thanks for your support for so many years. -Lynn Olson, Cooperative Services Manager

Happy plants
Q: I really enjoy reading the newsletter that you send out every month, but I wanted to make a comment on the article entitled “Just Grow It” in the recent March edition. I think it’s fantastic for people to start seeds indoors and grow their own food and I believe that showing people how easy and affordable it can be is the key to making a bigger impact. I am a college student with very limited funds and space in my apartment so I know the importance of cheap and simple! I just wanted to let other readers know that despite the article’s statement that “a window is not enough” light for starting seeds and raising plants, I disagree. I am currently growing many happy plants in my apartment from eggplant to tomatoes to bush beans simply by the light of my window (and it’s an eastern-facing window, not even the ideal). So don’t be intimidated by the need to buy and install a fluorescent light over your plants...as long as your windows get a couple of hours of sunlight per day, your plants will be just fine.

A: Thanks for the extra tips! -Liz Wermcrantz, Editor

Baskets or bags
Q: I have read numerous customer complaints in the newsletter about the new policy requiring customers to shop with a basket or cart (not directly in to a bag) over the past few months. I wanted to share with the co-op that I am one member that really likes your new policy! When I joined the co-op I was alarmed when I saw people placing items directly in to a shopping bag. I wondered, how do employees differentiate shoplifting from members shopping directly in to a bag? I don’t know of any store anywhere that allows customers to shop directly in to a bag.

A: I very much appreciate you taking time to express your support. While the vast majority of folks were also supportive, there were a few who felt our request to refrain from using their bags while shopping to be an infringement. Staff really appreciate the support of our membership on this issue though. Thanks again. -Wynston Estis, Assistant Store Manager—Operations