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We welcome your comments and give each one attention and serious consideration. Send them to or fill out a Customer Comment form in the Owner Resources area. Each month a small selection is printed in the Reader. The rest can be found in the commons or in the binder near Customer Service. Thank you!

Q: I’d really like to be able to buy your Trail Mix cookies by the bag. Is that possible?

A: I spoke with our Juice Bar Coordinator about this, and she mentioned that we used to sell the bags of trail mix cookies, but that they were discontinued because of lack of sales. I’ve only been here a little over a year, so I wasn’t aware of that.
If we get more customers asking for them, we would be happy to give them another shot, however since you are the first person I’ve heard a request from, I think we’ll hold off for now. Thanks again for your interest! -Megan Blodgett, Outgoing Deli Manager

Q: I would like to request that climate change deniers, i.e., motorists, be asked to turn off their engines when standing in the parking lot waiting for a spot. Today I had to breathe the toxic waste of three motorists idling in the parking lot while I parked my bike.

Also: bike benefit discount: please don’t require bicyclists to attach their sticker to their helmet. Most people don’t carry their helmets with them, but leave it in or on their bikes. A sticker has always been adequate in every other business.

A: I’m sorry to say that we can’t have staff in the lot as much as would be necessary to honor your request regarding idling vehicles. Generally spaces open up pretty quickly especially earlier in the day. As for the requirement of Bicycle Benefits, this is a bike safety program. We support their objective in raising awareness of the importance of helmets in biking safety. -Wynston Estis, Operations Manager

Q: Compostable spoons? Whose stupid idea was this? They decompose in hot soup and probably are impossible to use in hot foods. I guess I will have to bring my own.

A: Thanks for the comment! The compostable spoons that we originally carried were rated for high heat. These became unavailable, and our distributor tried to switch to another brand that unfortunately does not hold up to heat (as you discovered!). We’ve asked them to find another high-heat, compostable option, but in the meantime we will carry regular plastic (non-compostable) spoons. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks again! -Megan Blodgett, Outgoing Deli Manager

Q: If you are going to give a discount to bicyclists, please give to bus riders! Or reinstate the discount formerly given to all of us with disabilities.

A: Thanks for your comment. We have discussed this, but the wall we keep running into is validation—how do we know if someone used the bus? Bicycle Benefits, although imperfect for the purposes of trying to reduce congestion in our lot, at least has a system that we can use to determine if someone rode a bike. Maybe Metro would want do a similar incentive? “Bus Benefits?” We’ll continue to work on a way to have a validation system, but if you have any ideas, please let me know! -Brendon Smith, Director of Communications

Q: Please leave salad bar open until closing time!

A: The salad bar closes at the same time the deli closes. This allows us to do all the cleaning and dishwashing that we need to do before the store closes. I’m sorry if this is an inconvenience for you. Currently there are not enough late night shoppers to warrant a change in schedule, but if this should change we’d be happy to reconsider. Thanks! -Megan Blodgett, Outgoing Deli Manager

Q: I would just like to thank the co-op and specifically Jim Green for going to such great lengths to find out if a bulk product was kosher for me. I have never been to a grocery store that was so understanding and hard-working in finding out this information before. He really made me NOT feel like I was a bother, which is what I usually am made to feel. THANK YOU!

A: Thanks for the positive feedback! Jim is a fantastic new team member in grocery. I’ve shared your comments with him and it made his day. -Alex Risch, Assistant Grocery Manager

Q: We love the food co-op! We get everything we eat here (and farmers’ market). The cashiers are always awesome, the products great, and the produce excellently local. We even chose our house so we could walk to the co-op! Could you look for a source for a sugar (cane)-free chocolate bar? I miss chocolate, can’t eat cane sugar or hyper-processed agave (too much like corn syrup). When I have time, I make my own with honey or brown rice syrup and cocoa powder. Think you find something like that? I’d pay big bucks! Thanks for everything!!

A: Thanks for the positive feedback! We’re on the lookout for your chocolate. -Alex Risch, Assistant Grocery Manager

Q: The planters out front have sharp corners, which are really dangerous. Any toddler or young child could run their face right into those. They are a really unfriendly addition. Can you get someone to round the corners? Anyone could also bump into them with their leg. I would prefer they be removed. They are very bag feng shui. Doesn’t WSC have legal counsel—no good lawyer could possibly advise anything but removal of the planters and bongo drop box. You guys have made two very bad decisions in these planters and drop box. Please remove and make the coop entry safe and welcoming not a labyrinth of dangerous sharp corners!!

A: Unfortunately, we were repeatedly experiencing episodes of people pulling their cars/trucks directly under the portico in front of the doors, so it was entirely for safety that the planters ere installed. This decision was made to prevent anyone from being seriously hurt by a vehicle driving right up to our front doors. We will look at how to soften the corners of the planters to avoid small children from hurting themselves on them.

Regarding the Bongo/Four Star video drop box, these were also installed at the request of our Owners who would like a more convenient way to return their videos, and we agreed to cooperate in that regard. Thank you for your opinion and we will continue to monitor the box’s use and placement. -Lynn Olson, Director of Cooperative Services

Q: The outside western wall is painted a very light shade (white-off white-lt. grey) and in sunlight radiates heat and glare to people walking to the co-op from the neighborhood. Have you considered repainting that wall a cooler grey? It would cut the heat and glare to those who use the sidewalk.

A: We have discussed this idea at our maintenance team meetings. I’ll bring it to our department managers and get it moving again. Thanks for the suggestion. -Wynston Estis, Operations Manager

Q: I appreciate your efforts with plants but I get weed seed poisoning from walking in tall grasses, and think that another type of plant would be more appropriate by the walk in front.

A: We will consult one of our local landscaping experts for suggestions on reducing this concern for you. Thanks for writing. -Wynston Estis, Operations Manager

Q: Thank you! For getting the shorter/shallower carts—I put a comment in a few months back, knew it was in the works and just noticed today. SO VERY APPRECIATIVE!

A: You’re welcome! And great idea! We heard this suggestion from a few Owners and agreed they’d be a good addition. We’ve found them very maneuverable and love even the little bit they do to help ease congestion around here! -Dan Frost, Willy East Store Manager

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