Williamson Street reconstruction
Williamson Street construction is scheduled to begin on Williamson April 11th!

Budgeting for the next fiscal year begins now. For the last three years, we have anticipated street reconstruction work when planning for the coming year; this is the year that event will happen. The opening of Willy West will offer some Owners a choice of locations to shop. For those of you who opt not to shop West, East will be offering the following:

  • Regular store hours 7:30am–9:30pm
  • Helping you get your groceries to your vehicle, whether by carrying them to it or via drive-up.
  • Bicycle Benefits program expanded Monday–Friday (rather than the weekend)
  • CoShop Program fee waived for “You Shop/We Deliver” service daily 12:00pm–7:00pm (for details see shop.willystreet.coop)
  • Daily samples and weekly prize drawngs to ease the stress of construction and make your shopping experience more fulfilling

More than ever, I encourage you to walk, bike or bus to East to shop. As we move into the first phase of construction, we plan to offer bike trailers and handcarts to Owners for use at no charge (for details see willystreet.coop).

Look for construction time line updates on the Co-op’s website, “like” us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter (@willystreetcoop). Additionally, GWABA (Greater Williamson Area Business Association) intends to post updates on their website (see williamsonst.com).

Upcoming monthly promotional events include:

  • Earth Week April 18th–24th
  • Film series throughout the summer months
  • Grilling out throughout the summer months
  • Organic Harvest Week September 12th–18th
  • Eat Local Challenge—September 

Willy east Parking Lot
The Co-op planned for the Phase II of our Willy East store parking lot to be resurfaced this summer, in order to coincide with the construction work on the 1200 block of Williamson Street and to concentrate any downtime as much as possible. We anticipate the total time line for lot resurfacing the lot to be six weeks, with downtime at the loading docks for five to seven days. The work in our lot will enhance storm water management; including the installation of drain lines and catch basins that will tie into the City storm sewer, as well as establish a solid foundation for the lot sub-strait.

Employee participation
Our bylaw 2.2.3 states, “Manage the business in an open, democratic manner that respects employees’ rights to a humane work environment and participation in decision-making.” In line with that, the Co-op supports all workers having a voice in their workplace. The Co-op has received in the last month over $12,000 in gift card donations from Owners and non-Owners nationwide (plus one from Mongolia and one from England) to purchase goods from the Co-op to be delivered to the Capitol for protesters. Since we’re on the topic of the bylaw (note that seventh word), don’t forget to vote on April 5th!

Board Elections
On the horizon is planning for the Board elections taking place in August. The nominations committee will begin meeting to discuss recruitment—so if you or anyone you know is interested in learning more about becoming a candidate for our Board of Directors, please contact Stephanie Ricketts at 251-0884, ext. 471 or email: .

Associated Housewrights

Ian Colin MacAllister

Debra A. Stoik

Reliable Renovations